COVID-19 map 4-28-20

INDIANAPOLIS — Two more Elkhart County residents have died of COVID-19, according to the Indiana State Department of Health.

This is the first time that two COVID-19 deaths have been reported in the county on the same day. Seven county residents are now reported to have died from the virus. One week earlier, that number was three.

No details about the deaths were released.

Elkhart County also saw its biggest increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, with 24. The total is now 269. The only Indiana counties to see higher increases on Tuesday were Cass, Lake and Marion counties with 85, 129 and 158, respectively.

Statewide, 650 additional Hoosiers were diagnosed with COVID-19 through testing at ISDH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and private laboratories. That brings the total number of Indiana residents known to have the novel coronavirus to 16,588.

A total of 901 Hoosiers have been confirmed to have died of COVID-19. Another 91 probable deaths have been reported. Probable deaths are those for which a physician listed COVID-19 as a contributing cause based on X-rays, scans and other clinical symptoms but for which no positive test is on record.

To date, 87,181 tests have been reported to ISDH, up from 84,476 on Monday.

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The virus is from...CHINA! Direct flights from Italy, China, Spain every day. When Trump shut down all flights to and from China he was criticized be everyone! Save millions of lives. Every country got caught with their pants down. Only one to blame is.....CHINA!

Joe King

thats funny, trump didn't shut flights down.....Chinese Nationals were not allowed to enter, but thousands of Americans or with dual citizenship were allowed back. So, NO, he didn't stop people from China entering the US....He also didn't listen to his intelligence depts and multiple briefings trying to warm him starting back in January...


Who's upset? And how do you know who is supporting who? Oh, that's right. You know EVERYTHING.

Joe King

How do you upset a trump supporter? Quote them what the President says....


Nope joe wrongo AGAIN. 2/3 of the cases in the US are type A. Europe and GB are Types B and C

Joe King

New York has had genome testing done and the majority of cases (most deaths) in the US is in New York. It revealed its strain came from Europe. Not that is matters since viruses don't have passports or knows borders.


Man, Joe, it's a wonder you aren't running the country. You seem to know EVERYTHING about well, just EVERYTHING. Must be so great to be you.


Yes all that knowledge while operating from his basement. He is an embarrassment to the community and I honestly think he celebrates the death count so he can rant about President Trump. Disgusting!!

Joe King

no, but people shouldn't forget who put us in this situation all while saying he takes no responsibility....Even the VP is clueless....visiting a hospital today he was told to wear a mask... EVERYONE was...except Pence....Do as I say, but not as I do...poor leadership...

Joe King

It's no secret, but you can educate yourself by reading the news. Turn off fox the news, listen to NPR every once in a while... listen to the BBC....its not hard.. really...even you can do it...


Dr joe knows! Not really. He was wrong on strain affecting most US citizens! Trump was asking about UVC light therapy and the possibilities and of course joe should read up on Hot Chemo baths and lavage techniques. Something very new and possibly a break through. Then there is the Dr Mark Siegel story of his 96 year old father dying. Some injections with hydro Q (cause I don't know the sp) and antibiotics, he was fine the next day!

Joe King

And almost 60,000 deaths in America.....Thanks, trump...


You mean thanks China*

Joe King

Nope, trumps "miracle cure" is not a plan...I blame him for the lack of planning, preparing, and strategy. I blame him for lying to the American people and blaming others....even past administrations....I blame him for spreading false and dangerous medical advice...from malaria drugs to disinfectants and UV and other powerful light...Oh, and by the way. Most of the Covid19 strain in the US came from Europe.. Not that it matters since viruses don't have passports or care about borders...

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