SHIPSHEWANA —  The wild west is coming to the Michiana Event Center this August.

“We want to make this show as realistic as you would have seen in the wild west, just like you see in the movies,” said host and co-producer Hugh Warren of the MEC’s upcoming show ‘Shipshewana’s Majestic Frontier.’

Produced by Legacy Family Entertainment, the show features a slew of cowboy and western-based acts from can can dancers to trick rope artists.

“A lot of what we’ve hired aren’t just performers,” said Warren. “These are real life cowboys and this is what they do for a living.”

With an international cast, the equestrian variety show has everything from gaucho performers and aeralists, to roman riders on four draft horses to horse trainers.

“It’s almost like it’s straight out of a western movie,” Warren said. “The can can dancers, the guys, the music. We’ve got a fight that breaks out. We’ve got guys coming out mock 10 on horseback shooting, then they make their way into the saloon where they have a run-in with the guys already in the saloon and have an old fashioned western fight and one set of guys gets thrown into the street.”

A 20-year veteran of the craft, and former Dixie Stampede host, Warren says the new show at the MEC competes well with other shows like it.

“I really feel like this show stands its ground against the shows that I have seen. Everybody in the show is extremely experienced in what they do. They’ve dedicated their life to doing what they do,” Warren said. “If people come, I have no worries that they’re going to like the show.”

The oversized arena allows for 3,600 guests per 90-minute show and there’s upgrades available including a chuck wagon dinner before the show and VIP experience, guests can go backstage following the show and meet the cast and visit with the animals in the show, for an additional cost.

“People want to be taken back to that time. They want to feel like they’re there and experience it firsthand. People love westerns. It’s always been one of the most popular types of movies, a good old western, they’ve stood the test of time.”

The show also features 23 horses and several Texas Longhorns from Dutch Creek Animal Farm.

“It’s the ultimate wild west experience,” Warren said.

Shipshewana’s Majestic Frontier runs Aug. 2 through Aug. 24 at the Michiana Event Center in Shipshewana. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit them online at

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