Bryn Jones and his parents own W.O.T. Fabrication and Engineering, at 23199 U.S. 33. The shop is run part time for now while the Joneses work full time elsewhere to support it.

They have had the shop for eight months and are moving to a new shop at 123 N. 20th St. in Goshen at the end of the month. The shop can be reached at 574-536-8742 or on Facebook.

Q: How long have you been a fabricator?

A: All my life (laughs). I started welding professionally when I was 17. I’ve raced since I was 7 or 8. I have two daughters, they race now.

Q: How did you get into this?

A: We’ve raced for many, many years. In the racing world/custom car world, it’s hard to find somebody to do it anymore that is not super high-dollar, big and fancy and on the other side of the country. It just became a need for people to get custom fabrication local, at a reasonable price that people can afford because there just isn’t anybody doing it. We started doing a couple of (roll) cages and some chassis work for some racers and it’s just kind of progressed into what it’s becoming.

Q: What kind of racing?

A: We drag race now. My daughter runs a junior dragster now. She’ll be moving into a full car next year. We’ve done asphalt circle track. I did five years of motorcycle drag racing. My dad raced circle track and drag raced for 20 years, my grandfather raced at New Paris when Joe Hamsher owned it, and it was dirt back in the late ‘50s. It’s in your blood and there is no taking it out.

Q: What do you like about having your own shop?

A: It lets you do some freelance stuff. The big reason that we’re open is that we’re 40-hour-a-week racers, so to speak. We understand that not everyone has a million dollars to build a racer car. So we try to give people equal or better parts, weld quality at an affordable price because there’s not just nobody around that does it. It allows people like us to be able to do what they like to do.

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