Oakridge Cemetery program highlights Goshen history

This is the veterans section of Oakridge Cemetery in Goshen. Oakridge will be featured in the program “Stories of Elkhart: Oakridge Cemetery” on July 11.

GOSHEN — Local history will be featured when the Elkhart County Historical Museum presents the “Stories of Elkhart: Oakridge Cemetery” at 6 p.m. Thursday, July 11, at Oakridge Cemetery, 427 N. 1st St., Goshen.

The program is free to attend, but online registration is required. Participants should register by Tuesday, July 9, by going to the Elkhart County Parks website, elkhartcountyparks.org, and finding the event on the Events Calendar page.

Oakridge Cemetery started off as an acre bought from landowner John Carpenter for $20 by First United Methodist Church. The cemetery grew in size, and in 1859 the cemetery was turned over to the city of Goshen.

This guided tour will lead participants through the older sections of the cemetery and stop at particular sites with interesting stories and monuments that were a part of Goshen’s history. Some highlights of the program include the gravesite of Revolutionary War veteran Jacob Lear, a monument dedicated to the Holodomor, a famine in Ukraine, and a section used by the Jewish community that thrived in Goshen in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Participants should note that standing and walking will be required throughout the program.

This program is part of the Stories of Elkhart program series developed for 2019 by the Elkhart County Historical Museum. This is the second of the summer leg of the series, which will explore cemeteries throughout Elkhart County.

More information on future cemeteries and other topics that will be featured in the series is available at elkhartcountyparks.org or by liking the Elkhart County Historical Museum on Facebook.

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