Yvonne Ransel


So yesterday I actually had something to do besides cook, eat and watch Andrew Cuomo — my first Zoom meeting for the library! I’d seen them everywhere – featuring choirs, musicians, late-night comedy skits – so I was eager to participate like a pro. I Googled “how to look good in a Zoom session” and walked around my house with my IPad to find the best lighting, made note of the best colors and patterns to wear, and experimented with raising or lowering the IPad with books.

My house has a lot of sky lights in its vaulted ceilings, which is lovely on gloomy days, but made my inch and a half of gray root growth very noticeable. That was unfortunate because I really liked the background of the dining room etagere with my collection of white ceramics. Backgrounds are important, I read, but apparently some people don’t like having their home decor critiqued. They can opt for virtual ones.

Yvonne Ransel lives in Bristol and occasionally writes essays for The Elkhart Truth.

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