Museum explores strange local tales

A concrete block embedded with human teeth once stood at the corner of West Lexington Avenue and South Riverside Drive in Elkhart. 


BRISTOL — A program by the Elkhart County Historical Museum will dive into some of the strange but true, and strange but not true, tales residents may have heard about over the years. 

“Myths and Legends” kicks off museum’s 2020 “Stories of Elkhart County” series from 7 to 8:15 p.m. Thursday at the museum, 304 W. Vistula, Bristol. The program is free and open to the public.

“As I’ve studied the history of the county, I’ve come across many stories that border on the unbelievable, outrageous and sometimes downright weird,” said museum curator of education Patrick McGuire. “This program will explore these stories and present them to the audience as well as share any backstory that may lend evidence to the story being true or a fabrication.”

Some of the stories covered in this program will include the construction of the Goshen Police Booth, the origins of the names of some of most prominent towns and the odd Tooth Stone in Elkhart.

“This program will be a fun look into our history, but there is also an important point,” McGuire said. “One of the key points that we want to stress in this program is to dispel some of the false history that has weaved its way into the Elkhart County story.

“We have all heard stories about our communities that have we think cannot possibly be true, but are told repeatedly, and eventually are accepted as fact. We hope this program in some way can present information definitively enough that some of those stories fade away.”

More information, including a schedule of upcoming events, and directions to the Elkhart County Historical Museum, can be found at or by calling the administration office at 574-535-6458.

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