ELKHART — Las-Vegas based recreational vehicle company Chinook RV is setting up shop in Elkhart County, investing nearly $2.5 million and creating 207 jobs. 

Melanie Shawa, communications manager for Chinook RV, said that the company has purchased a 61,800 square-foot facility located at 29449 W. U.S. 33, in Baugo Township, and that minor work has begun on cleaning up the building to prepare it for future renovations. 

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Joe King

And they are closed....Gone....not even a sign or message good bye... How much money were they asking of tax payers and tax abatements for 207 jobs that NEVER came? I hope they didn't get any money and if they did the county can recoup their loss.....Too early to say "I told ya so?"


Watch em Joe!!! They ain't paid their spring taxes and there is a total of $10646 dollar due in November. Their address in Vegas shows probably $2 million or more of mostly class c motor homes . The expensive type on Mercedes chassis.

Joe King

I hope they come here, and do what they say...but I also hope the county installs some claw backs in case they don't...Like making sure they pay a decent wage and hire the amount they say...and Elkhart County put their name on the deed to the property since the abatement is essentially a loan....that the Elkhart tax payers will be paying their tax for a set amount of time.....and get a guarantee in writing.


In your opinion, what is a decent wage?


350 dollars an hour sidearm. That answer and your question go very well together.

common sense

Tax abatements for more RV jobs when current employers can't find enough people to hire? I'm not sure that is a prudent investment.


So if these guys are lucky the last 200 people in Elkhart County that aren't working will come to work for them? There aren't enough people to fill all the jobs now so let's add more demand?


You know, I hear what you are saying. But I submit to you that the average production line RV employee has about as much loyalty to the company as the company has to them. Chinook can easily attract top production personnel with top pay. There's not much loyalty in this business.

Average Joe

Be it employer to employee or company to supplier. No loyalty at all in most companies. They'll flip for a penny.


You think that there are only 200 people not working in Elkhart County? Look around some.

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