A couple years ago, I applied for a a Capitol One Venture card, with the intention of gathering enough airline miles to fly us to London for our 50th wedding anniversary in 2021. Now we may have to settle for watching “The Crown” or telling Alexa to play “She Loves Me” over and over. My husband rolled his eyes at my desire to cross Abbey Road, but I know he would have humored me.

Surviving a 50-year marriage is all about humoring each other and not exploding when the dad/spouse laughs instead of scolding a feisty child’s behavior, loads the dishwasher wrong or has just one more beer with the guys. Or when the mom/spouse blames everyone but the teenager for his or her behavior, calls every illness her new fatal disease or buys yet another pair of shoes.

Yvonne Ransel lives in Bristol and occasionally writes essays for The Elkhart Truth.

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