Plaut's Store, 121 S. Main Street, Goshen.  Last day of Business.  Aug. 1, 1991.  Sid Plaut (1907-1995) center.

Along with his father David, Sidney Plaut, seen here on Aug. 1, 1991 – the last day of business at Plaut’s Dry Goods – helped bring 28 Jews to America from Nazi Germany. A new documentary, “Vital Passage,” shines a light on the Plauts’ actions.

GOSHEN — A new documentary tells the story of two Goshen merchants, a father and son, who risked their business and livelihood to provide a vital passage for German Jews to escape the Holocaust and come to America.

From 1906 through 1991, Plaut’s Dry Goods store, operated by David Plaut and his son, Sidney, was a fixture on Goshen’s Main Street. But many may have been unaware of their efforts to help people escape Nazi Germany. In 2001, a decade after the store was closed, documents found in a lockbox in the store’s basement revealed the scope of the Plauts’ story of rescue, sacrifice and courage.

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Revolution 1776

Now we reward coyotes & corporations take advantage of undocumented workers nstead of reforming our immigration system

Joe King

What an amazing story! can't wait to see this. Thank you for making this into a film for the entire community and the world to see. Never forget!

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