Goal: Pack more than 1 million meals

The Feed My Starving Children meal-packing event this year is Sept. 9-14.

SHIPSHEWANA — For the 10th year, local volunteers will gather to pack meals to be distributed to children around the world through Feed My Starving Children.

This year’s event is Sept. 9-14 and will again be held at the Michiana Event Center in Shipshewana.

The goal of organizers is to pack over one million meals. Local fund-raising efforts are under way to raise $220,700 to purchase ingredients for the meals.

An estimated 3,000 volunteers are needed to meet these goals. Individuals, groups, clubs and teams are welcomed to participate. Children 5 and older can join adult packing teams and accommodations can be made for special needs group. Seated job assignments also are available.

Feed My Starving Children is a Christian non-profit organization that provides nutritionally complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children. Donations fund the meal ingredients and volunteers hand-pack the meals. The meals are then donated to Feed My Starving Children food partners around the world who handle distribution.

Five important elements that contribute to Feed My Starving Children’s successful mission, organizers say, are partnering with local mission-minded groups, pioneering appropriate food formulas, creating food distribution partnerships, promoting sustainability and tapping into the volunteer spirit in local communities.

“We are a blessed community,” local organizers said. “Over the past nine years, we have purchased and packed over 4.5 million meals. Those meals have been sent to starving children around the world. We hope that number reaches 5.5 million meals by Sept. 14.”

Founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children is headquartered in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. 

Volunteers can register to participate in the local MobilePack at fmscmichiana.com or by calling 260-562-2505.

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