'Freaky Friday' on tap at Round Barn Theatre

Pictured are cast members of Round Barn Theatre’s production of “Freaky Friday” Travis Bird as Mike, Anna Wentworth as Torrey, Sarajane Mullins as Katherine, Megan Arrington as Ellie and Erin Ames as Fletcher.

NAPPANEE —  Sarajane Mullins (Miss Hannigan in 2019’s Annie) returns to The Round Barn Theatre as Katherine Blake, an overworked mother on the eve of her wedding day in “Freaky Friday.”

During one of her frequent arguments with her contrary teenage daughter, Ellie, (played here by Megan Arrington making her RBT debut) the two magically swap bodies. They have just one day to put things right again before Mom’s big day.

In this modern-day fairytale based on the novel by Mary Rodgers (granddaughter of Richard Rodger) and two Disney hit movies, a mother and daughter really see what it is to be a family and experience each other’s lives first-hand, if only for a day.

“Freaky Friday” is an entertaining musical for anyone with a perfectly imperfect family.

“Freaky Friday” opens May 24 and continues through July 14.

Round Barn Artistic Director, Jerry O’Boyle is directing “Freaky Friday” with choreography provided by Matty Reda.

Heidi Ferris will be handling the musical direction. The design team is led by Set Designer Richard Pletcher, Jennifer Weaver is costume designer, Daniel Milligan will design the sound, and Managing Artist Director, Ryan Schisler is the lighting designer.

The cast of 17 play 51 different roles.

In addition to Ms. Mullins and Ms. Arrington, featured performers include RBT favorite Travis Bird as Mike, the fiance’, Anna Wentworth as Torry and Karter Dolan as Adam.

A complete show schedule, ticket availability and reservations can be found by calling the Box Office at (800) 800-4942 ext. 2 or online at AmishAcres.com.

Theatre tickets can be combined with Amish Acres famous family style Threshers Dinner or Sunday Buffet.

“Freaky Friday” will be translated by American Sign Language interpreters for the deaf at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 15.

The remaining 2019 Round Barn Theatre schedule includes “Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” “Anne of Green Gables,” “The Sunshine Boys and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.”

Tickets can be purchased by calling the box office at 800-800-4942.

Amish Acres Historic Farm & Heritage is currently open Wednesday-Sunday and will be open daily beginning May 27, offering tours of the historic house and farm, farm wagon rides, documentary films, demonstrations and the famous Family Style Threshers Dinner.

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