Premier Arts performers sing “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie” on Facebook. The video is at https: / / / watch / ?v=211243080149325

ELKHART — Elkhart County residents are sending messages of hope and encouragement in response to the statewide shutdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Musicians and performers from across Elkhart County are singing “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie” to remind us all that “the sun will come out tomorrow.”

The first part of the Facebook campaign debuted over the weekend with Premier Arts’ performance. Several other Elkhart County musicians will also be debuting their “Tomorrow” love notes in the coming days, all of which can be seen on the Experience Elkhart County Facebook page and the Vibrant Communities Facebook page.

“Elkhart County is rich with talented and amazing people. And we know many are getting through this crisis through the power of music,” said Diana Lawson, chief executive officer of the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Through Vibrant Communities, we have experienced the power of community which this Love Notes campaign brings together.”

“There are brighter days ahead, just as this beautiful song states,” said Arvis Dawson, co-chair of Vibrant Communities. “When you love where you live, it’s easy for us to believe in those better days because we believe in here.”

“From doctors, nurses and health care providers, first providers and municipal services, there are many people working hard to keep us going,” said Suzie Weirick, co-chair of Vibrant Communities. “But we also need an emotional lift, something to remind us of why we love Elkhart County so much. Love Notes will help us get through this.”

The Love Notes campaign is a partnership of the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau and Vibrant Communities. Its objective is to bring a message of optimism to the community during the coronavirus outbreak.

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