Curtain, stone removed from Goshen Theater

The asbestos curtain removed in May featured the initials JT for Jefferson Theater, the former name of Goshen Theater. 

GOSHEN — Organizers have announced that a bright red asbestos curtain and stone facade have been removed from the 112-year-old Goshen Theater as part of a multimillion-dollar renovation. 

The Next Act Campaign, through its monthly online newsletter, the Goshen Theater Spotlight, said officers of the theater’s board of directors in May met with staff from DJ Construction to review the quotes provided by the subcontractors. They learned that the scope of work for Phase One came in at $3.9 million, short of the budgeted $4.2 million. 

The officers approved several of the alternates that were outside the original scope of work, including removal of the stone façade placed over the original limestone in the 1950s, the newsletter said. 

During the last week of May, a subcontractor removed the asbestos and lead in the theater in preparation for DJ Construction to begin demolition of the areas to be remodeled.

These included the asbestos fire curtain that had been permanently chained to the ceiling above the stage for decades. The curtain was proudly emroidered with the words “Asbestos Curtain.”

Sharon Risser, capital campaign coordinator, said the subcontractor sprayed the curtain in sections, cut it into smaller pieces and bagged the pieces for disposal. The work also included remediation of some pipe insulation and lead.

The theater at 216 South Main St. has since been tested for asbestos to ensure work can safely continue on the site, Risser said.  

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