Blessed Beginnings Care Center Inc

Ellie Ann Bontrager, a daughter, born to Karen and Myron Bontrager of New Paris; 7 pounds; 9:49 a.m. June 21

Sophia Dawn Hochstetler, a daughter, born to Gary and Crystal Hochstetler of Nappanee; 7 pounds; 8:14 p.m. June 22

Childbirth Choices and Women’s Health

Cassie Brooke Ramer, a daughter, born to Tristan and Lynette Ramer of Nappanee; 9 pounds, 2 ounces; 6:08 p.m. June 26

Goshen Hospital

De’ Amari Deni, a son, born to Sabrina King and Deni Gavin of Elkhart; 9 pounds, 12.8 ounces; 5:18 p.m. June 19

Ariya Victoria-Lee Copeland, a daughter, born to Adriana Gamez and Avery Copeland of Elkhart; 8 pounds; 9:53 p.m. June 19

Anthony James Hicks, a son, born to Michel and Andria Hicks of Topeka; 7 pounds, 9.2 ounces; 5:23 p.m. June 20

Jase Ryan McCloughan, a son, born to Chris and Rachael McCloughan of Elkhart; 7 pounds, 2.1 ounces; 8:30 a.m. June 21

Jamison Alejandro Craig, a son, born to Joran and Noraly Craig of Goshen; 6 pounds, 12.1 ounces; 10:43 a.m. June 22

Parker Ryan Sharp, a son, born to Jordan and Renae Sharp of Syracuse; 9 pounds, 3.3 ounces; 7:37 a.m. June 23

Ronald Z. Martin, a son, born to LeAlan and Loretta Martin of Elkhart; 8 pounds, 5 ounces; 3:56 a.m. June 24

New Eden Care Center

Kenlyn James, a son, born to Sarah (Yoder) and Lyle Yoder of Shipshewana; June 21

Jaylin Seth, a son, born to Krista (Lambright) and Melvin Bontrager of Goshen; June 21

Megan Elise, a daughter, born to Brenda (Mullet) and David Bontrager of Shipshewana; June 24

Kenton Jake, a son, born to Norma (Miller) and Byron Slabach of Middlebury; June 25

Isaiah Devon, a son, born to Lora (Hochstetler) and John Byler of Millersburg; June 25

Addalyn Noelle, a daughter, born to Lori (Yutzy) and Nathan Miller of Middlebury; June 26

Jeremiah David, a son, born to Hannah (Troyer) and Gerald Yoder of LaGrange; June 27

Arlin Jon, a son, born to Ruth (Schrock) and Floyd Troyer of LaGrange; June 27

Karena Beth, a daughter, born to Wanda (Yoder) and David Miller of Wolcotteville; June 28

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