coronavirus update 11-5

ELKHART — With the number of cases quickly growing and infection rates on the rise, local health officials deemed the spread of COVID-19 “out of control” and urged greater care in stemming the outbreak.

Elkhart County recorded 234 new cases related to the coronavirus, according to the Indiana State Department of Health. The daily tally from Tuesday was second only to the previous day, at 238, and matched the total from Oct. 28, and pushed the moving average of new cases to a new high of 204.

The average positive test rate in the county was up to 12.6 percent among all COVID tests; among individuals tested, the rate was 26.4 percent.

No new deaths were recorded, leaving the total for the county at 156.

The daily infection rates were part of trend showing “out of control community spread of the coronavirus,” according to Elkhart County Health Officer Dr. Lydia Mertz.

“The number of new cases per week continues to rise almost exponentially every week since the end of September,” she said. “The hospitals are full. Health care providers live in the community, become exposed in their lives outside of work, and become infected, limiting an already stretched workforce. Businesses and schools in the community are also experiencing this stretch on the workforce due to illness.

“There is no one cause for this massive rise in cases. It is a failure of us all – individuals, businesses, churches and government,” Mertz said. “We all have to work to make our community safe for all. Please do your part!”

The number of new cases statewide also soared to new heights, with 3,756 in one day. The seven-day positivity rate was 8.7 percent; among individuals tested, the average rate was 16.7 percent.

Twenty-five new COVID-related deaths were reported in Indiana, bringing that total to 4,224.

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Joe King

And yet the health board and the governor and trump...are inept and impotent when it comes to doing anything about it. Get politics out of science and health...this is what happens..mandate all masks...correctly...shut down bars and high risk places and limit and the spread . Provide test with quicker turnaround and and better tracing....Hospitals are full and diverting patients, health care workers are exhausted and catching this virus... start looking out for others, listen to scientists and health professionals. Wear a mask, wash your hands and keep a distance

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