ELKHART — State health officials say they are working with Elkhart County as the number of cases of COVID-19 cases continues to rise.

The Indiana State Department of Health on Wednesday confirmed 51 new cases of the illness in Elkhart County, bringing the total number of cases to 1,435.

The state also reported an additional death, from Friday, bringing the number of fatalities related to the coronavirus to 29. It was the first death reported since May 23.

In response to a question at a news conference in Indianapolis on Wednesday, State Health Commissioner Kristina Box said a spike in the number of cases in Elkhart County over the weekend drew the attention of health officials, but she said local hospitals are well equipped to manage any outbreak.

“We are very actively engaged in Elkhart County,” Box said. “You have a very active community up there that is working very hard on this.”

She said county health officers and elected officials have been in contact with the state, and a meeting with the mayor was planned for Thursday to discuss strategies, including efforts to reach out to the Hispanic community.

The percentage of positive tests in Elkhart County have been on the rise, hospital and health officials said this week.

The commissioner said the percentage of positive test results in Indiana as a whole has been going down.

An apparent slowdown of coronavirus-related deaths is continuing in Indiana as figures released by state health officials show it has been more than a week since more than 20 people died with infections.

May 25 was the last day for which as many as 20 coronavirus deaths have been recorded in the state. That level is down from the period between early April and mid-May when more than 30 COVID-19 deaths were recorded most days, with the deadliest day on April 22 with 50 fatalities, according to the Indiana State Department of Health.

The agency reported on Wednesday 10 additional COVID-19 deaths, giving the state a total of 2,207 confirmed or presumed infection-related fatalities. The newly recorded deaths occurred between Friday and Tuesday.

Indiana hospitals still had 357 COVID-19 patients in their intensive care units on Tuesday.

Contributing: The Associated Press

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