The four towing companies contracted by the City of Elkhart were charging fees not permitted by their contracts, officials learned.

ELKHART — All towing companies hired by the city have been charging fees not permitted in their contract, but when the city found out, it changed the contract to allow higher fees.

The city received a complaint against Howard’s Towmaster after the company charged an administrative fee of $85 to tow a vehicle, even though the city’s contract with towing companies did not allow administrative fees.

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SanFran Kid

Its always been a racket,in Chicago the police have been getting kickbacks from the towing companies for years.Not saying the EPD is,but somebody is.


I love conspiracy theories. At a rate of $350 per tow and 700 tows... that's about $245,000 a year charged by 4 companies total. What is that... about $61,250 per company. WoW! a whopping $350 per tow! Out of that HUGE amount charged , the towing company must pay the tow truck driver, the fuel bill, the liability insurance, the cost towards the actual tow truck purchase and more. More? We need to add that kick back to 5 Board of Safety members, certainly the mayor, and the city attorney... just doesn't leave much profit for the tow companies. Conspiracy theorists! I love em!!!

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