Utilimaster truck

A truck rolls out from Utilimaster. Some employees at the truck manufacturer say not enough is being done to protect them from COVID-19, claims the company and local health officials dispute.

BRISTOL — Several employees of Utilimaster say the truck manufacturer is not doing enough to keep workers safe from COVID-19, which has spread among employees.

Utilimaster confirmed Monday that six employees had tested positive for the virus. On Tuesday, several employees said that number had grown to eight.

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It’s naive to think that this is the only Elkhart county factory that is having this issue. Does the mayor ever weigh in on this? Ever? Any Leadership or are we just going to talk about our disappointment over Jazz Fest and the fair. This is a county with very few icu beds.


Excuse me! What mayor? The mayor of the county? There is none. The mayor of Bristol. Because there is none. You need to get your facts straight! Utilimaster is not in Elkhart. The huge plant is in Bristol. The Elkhart Mayor has no say over Utilimaster workings or the Elkhart County fair. Don't be worried. The local hospitals were not over taxed!


Don't work there! You can get $600 a month from feds!


And I blew it! $600 weekly for 4 months!


I am so tired of a conservative/FoxNews watching TEA drinker who can only come up with the tired old, "Don't live here!", "Don't work there!" answer to everything. The American worker has a God-Given right to work at a place that is as safe as possible, no excuses. American workers deserve BETTER, Americans deserve better........vote all the 'make money at all cost/$$$ is more important than people and their human well-being' thinking people OUT OF OFFICE, ASAP while we stiil have a country we ALL can be proud of......


Then stay home in your secure bunker Leeeeet. Don’t drive it’s not 100 % safe. I fail to find anywhere that God said have a right to any workplace at all, much less a 100% safe one. Keep living what is left of your life in fear.


now you are getting it, sidearm.....now, show us where God gave you the right to own a gun.............


"“You can be concerned because a colleague that you work with tested positive and you possibly live with an elderly person, but I would have to ask, how do you go to the grocery store? Because you are exposing yourself to somebody that you don’t even know,” she said."

There is a huge difference between a brief encounter and being near someone for an entire work day. Proximity and amount of time of exposure are critical for the risk of getting the disease. Closer and a longer period of time result in a higher probability of becoming infected. Pretty basic concept.

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