RV, Keystone RV Cougar, 8-29-19

Demand is high for RVs, and 2020 is on track to have more wholesale shipments than 2019, while 2021 could break the all-time record.

ELKHART — The RV industry could break the record for wholesale RV shipments in 2021, and 2020 is on track to become the fourth-best year ever, despite the COVID-19 shutdown, according to a new projection.

The Winter 2020 RV RoadSigns projection by ITR Economics shows that 2020 is anticipated to finish within a range of 414,100 to 433,100 shipped units, with the most likely outcome being 423,638 units, a 4.2 percent increase from the 2019 total of 406,700. Through October, the total number of shipments this year is 348,910, and every month of this year but March, April and May has surpassed the same month in 2019.

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Well Joe, without the Rv companies those lines would be a heck of a lot longer. The owners and management teams at these companies are some of the most generous people in the world. Open your mouth wider, I’m sure you can fit both feet in there.

Joe King

Glad they are doing well, but its kinda tough to celebrate the RV's success when 2600 people per day are dying of covid in the country and the hospitals are at near capacity. The previous news story was about food distribution centers for all the people out of work and in need of food. Hope the RV companies are able to support some of the food and homeless centers in our area and help out the staff at the local hospitals.


I decided to look into these RV companies charitable programs Joe. Something you could have done very easily. It seems the largest RV corporations in the world donate to many charities. Millions and millions of dollars yearly. So I suspect $s get to many of the funds you are worried about. Also LCI Corp. donates 100s of 1000s of hours yearly. So opened that checkbook Joe! It's time.

Joe King

Yes Fire, in your google search, did you find out if they were helping with all the people lining up in cars for food donations at all the distribution centers? I donate not only my money, but my time as well. Thank you for asking.


Like that is really going to happen.


I get cha Joe! You do your duty! Good for you. I am impressed. I don't know whether Thor runs their own food donation lanes. But on one of their internet info pages they announce millions of dollars donated to 40 organizations over the last 6 years and numerous associate volunteer days. Here are just a few of their causes....American Red Cross, Beacon Health, Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Koa Care Camps, Ethos Center, Elkhart Area Career Ctr, Habitat for Humanity, First Decents, Salvation Army, Special Olympics, United Way.... and more. And LCI has donated 350,000 hours of community service and a million dollars every year and a Member of Acts of Service! Philanthropy and charity is alive and well with your contributes and many corporate sponsors.

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