ELKHART — The newly established RV Technical Institute will host the 2020 Spring RV Safety & Education Foundation’s (RVSEF) Technical Education and Safety Conference for RV Consumers, organizers have announced. 

Attendees will have an opportunity to learn from industry experts on topics ranging from RV systems, campground setup, driver training, vehicle safety and RV lifestyle.

The change in location from Elizabethtown, Ky., is being made to capitalize on the array of expertise concentrated in Elkhart, the heart of the RV industry, officials said. The change will make it easier for the entire industry to participate in the conference. 

Those new to the RV lifestyle can learn the basics and seasoned travelers can increase their understanding by learning solid, technical information from industry experts. Industry instructors and trainers have provided their knowledge to work directly with consumers who want to get the most out of their RVing experience. It is a unique opportunity for manufacturers and dealers to work alongside consumers who can share their unique perspectives on the practical use of the RVs they are using.

Fostering a good relationship between the industry and the consumer is an important goal of RVSEF and this conference provides a way for consumers to learn how to properly operate their RV and to get a glimpse of the skilled people who build and support the vehicles the public uses for recreational enjoyment.

“An important factor in the reduction of repair event cycle time (RECT) is consumer education,” said Curt Hemmeler, executive director of the RV Technical Institute. “The overlapping missions of both organizations, to improve the consumer experience, makes this partnership a key component in fulfilling the mission. We are excited to host and participate in the 2020 RVSEF Spring conference and look forward to bringing more consumer education opportunities to Elkhart, Indiana.”

The spring conference will take place May 14-17 at the RV Technical Institute’s facility, 3333 Middlebury St., Elkhart.

The RV Technical Institute, scheduled to open Sept. 23, is dedicated to being a world-class RV technician training program that will reduce the repair event cycle time for RVers throughout the country, to solve the RV industry’s shortage of trained technicians and to implement metrics to track the RV customer experience.

Manufacturers, suppliers and dealers can contact organizers at conference@RVSafety.com to discuss sponsorships and other ways they can support the conference. More information about RVSEF is available at rvsafety.com. More information about the RV Technical Institute is available at www.rvti.org.

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