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New construction in River District planned

Mixed-use and townhomes by Aquatics Center

This rendering gives a general idea of what mixed-use buildings and townhomes by the Elkhart Health & Aquatics Center could look like. The mixed-use building that will be under construction shortly will be located on the northwestern corner of Jackson Boulevard and Clark Street.

ELKHART — New River District construction adding retail and office space could begin as soon as Monday.

The project will include 44,000 square feet of mixed-use development on Jackson Boulevard in front of the Elkhart Health and Aquatics Center. Construction for about 20 townhomes in the same area could also begin this fall, bringing investment about $13 million worth of investment to the northwestern side of the River District.

Jackson Boulevard and Clark Street mixed-use, River District

This rendering shows what the mixed-use building on the corner of Jackson Boulevard and Clark Street will look like.

River District zone 1, townhomes

This is an early rendering of what the townhomes on Clark Street and Hannah Court could look like.

Jackson Boulevard bridge over Elkhart River

The Jackson Boulevard bridge connecting the River District and downtown will be upgraded to resemble to look in the district and better connect the two areas for pedestrians.

Node on Elkhart River by Junior Achievement Drive

A node on the Elkhart River by Junior Achievement Drive will make it easy to get canoes and kayaks in the water.

Jackson and Elkhart ave pocket park

A pocket park will be created at the southwestern corner of Jackson Boulevard and Elkhart Avenue.

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Joe King

I think the goal and the look of that area is great. I am concerned about the developers and the handouts they are getting from the city and tax payer. Already we see what David Weaver has done on the Alick's property... Promise something in order to get a the deal, then once they got the property the entire plans changes...the promises of more tax revenue from property tax is already reduced. Then there are the delays and coming back to ask for more money to build since they didn't due any due diligence before and need more money to build.... He disregarded a term for building and that was having public access to the river...he didn't and was still approved.

Now, we have a group that contains some of the wealthiest men in the City (or used to live in the city) who can't even offer ANY money for land they want to build on and sell for a profit? The city went to the expense to tear down, and prep the site for someone else to make money? On prime land I might add. I hope the city has some plans to recoup costs? If they don't want to buy the land, then the city should lease it or charge a 25% commission for whatever it sells for. I am glad they want to develop the site...but please don't make this to be a "beneficial" project for the tax isn't. It is only benefiting the developers pockets when they sell it.


This represents some much needed upgrading of our downtown and near-downtown areas, after years of not-so-great ideas (the Midway Motor Lodge). I question how well townhomes in the $300K range will sell here, however.


Uh! The city isn't selling any townhouses. Private investors are investing in their construction and sales. These people have deep pockets. davedf... would you rather the property remain fallow or with untaxable low income property? Possibility of $300,000 yearly taxes is what moves a city!


So, they tear down houses to build houses. Smart.


Lots of positive thinking there RSB. Previous property owners were paid market value and the taxes for the removed buildings would not come close to the increase that will come from the new structures!

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