GOSHEN — Viewrail is building a 54,000-square-foot building. And the work is being done for a neighboring business, Ascot Enterprises.   

Continued growth at Viewrail created the need for more manufacturing space, according to company founder and owner Len Morris. He said creative thinking made possible a solution for both companies.

“We initially only needed more parking space for our employees,” Morris said. “But while we negotiated with our neighboring factory immediately to the west, we continued to grow. Soon, they needed a more efficient plant and we needed more space not only for parking but for additional high-tech machinery.

“So we offered to build them a new building to suit their needs.”

Construction on the building for Ascot Enterprises is already under way at 1740 Ardmore Court. It should be finished this spring, with Ascot moving out of its old building at 1614 Eisenhower Drive North. Viewrail plans to move into the existing Ascot building as soon as it is available.

Viewrail’s main plant is located at 1722 Eisenhower Drive North, next door to the existing Ascot building.

A manufacturer of custom-designed modern floating stair systems and railing, Viewrail has added about 100 jobs in the past two years, Morris said. 

Ascot Enterprises, headquartered in Nappanee, is a leading manufacturer of window coverings and bedding products for the recreational vehicle and manufactured housing industries. It has seven plants across the nation, according to its website. 

Morris and Ascot president Ken Manning talk about how the two companies are working together to mutually benefit each other in a video at  www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KNH3DsXDRk.

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