Corvilla honors ObeCo as Employer of the Year

Corvilla honored ObeCo Inc. in Elkhart as Employer of the Year. Pictured from left are Ancelmo Cruz, Devin Lowell, Celina Cantarero and Jason Obendorf.

ELKHART — ObeCo Inc. was awarded Employer of the Year at the Annual Awards Banquet for Corvilla, an employment service provider for individuals with disabilities.

“ObeCo is very deserving of receiving Corvilla’s first ever ‘Employer of the Year’ award,” Corvilla CEO Rick Thompson said.  

“They were the first company that came to many of our minds when thinking about a place that ‘gets it’ when it comes to using good common business sense,” Thompson said. “ObeCo’s management team recognized and took advantage of the talent available in an often untapped, high-performing population of people with disabilities. They have shown an unwavering commitment to removing barriers and dispelling misconceptions and as a result, they have created a very successful, culturally diverse workforce.”

ObeCo has been working with Corvella since 2017 and has employed as many as five of its members at one time.

Corvilla is a nonprofit organization located in northern Indiana that provides employment services to individuals with disabilities. Currently it works with over 300 individuals in its Employment Services department and countless organizations in the area on finding the individuals the right job for them.

It seeks organizations that provide individuals with opportunities they need and deserve. Some key factors include open-mindedness, a willingness to make reasonable workplace accommodations to make job tasks more accessible, and a positive work culture.

ObeCo, 2521 Industrial Parkway, is a Christian-owned and -operated company dedicated to serving the RV and marine industries with engineered OEM net and magnet products. 

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