Downtown from the south - drone

Downtown Elkhart could face significant changes in the coming years, including a conversion of the one-way streets to two-ways, the removal of parking lots and the construction of up to 600 homes. This is a view looking north along Main Street.

ELKHART — Converting one-way streets to two-ways, closing part of Waterfall Drive and filling out the “knocked-out teeth” that are the many downtown parking lots are just a few of the ideas – and not the highest reaching – for revitalizing a nine-block section of downtown Elkhart.

Other ideas include creating a creative and performing arts middle and high school near the Lerner Theatre, building a pedestrian bridge across the railroad, and constructing up to 600 homes, many of them along the Elkhart River.

Suggested housing along the Elkhart River, Urban Land Institute

The Urban Land Institute suggested building 280 housing units on the western side of the Elkhart River. The panel also proposed closing Waterfall Drive north of Central Park.

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Please remind me again.... how many millions of dollars have been spent to get to the "Central Park" concept! Please remind me and the naysayers why we need more apartments in this area! Remembering way back when...." they will never be able to fill all the new apartments downtown" So now we want 280 more units. hmmm...where would all the parking be for 280 more vehicles? And I'm not an expert on traffic movement. But! if you increase more residency, more venues, more businesses, wouldn't you need proper roads to move more traffic? Not smaller roads! Like the east Jackson debacle! Let me tell you about trying to negotiate dinky little streets and dinky little intersections in a big red fire truck. The main arterial path to the northwest side of Elkhart has been reduced to Waterfall Dr to east Lexington and maybe Main street north. The best use of uptown would be when the new county courts building is complete, the county and city should team up and demolish the existing county courts building Transfer the property ownership to the City of Elkhart and build the new police station, 911 center and fire department offices there! I'm sure there is enough room for a new city office complex also. You have a whole city block and at least 25% of the block west of there for parking. And have we heard of such amazing building concepts of multiple stories. Just sayin!

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