Goshen Hospital receives Vision Award

GOSHEN — Goshen Hospital recently received the 2018 Vision Award from VisionFirst for exemplary leadership and commitment for corneal transplant donations. Each corneal donation offers hope for restored vision and can offer something positive to families who have suffered a loss.

“We take pride in our Colleagues who work together to provide the highest quality of care to our community — including the ability to offer eye tissue to surgeons across the country,” said Randy Christophel, Goshen Health president and chief executive officer. “This award recognizes that our colleagues make a difference not only in the lives of our community, but nationwide.”

The goal of any donor program is to ensure that every individual and family is presented with the opportunity to become a donor. For the past 16 years Goshen Hospital has offered this program while maintaining the dignity of donors and their families.

In 2018, Goshen Hospital made a difference in the lives of 36 individuals through the gift of sight. In the past five years, approximately 200 people had cornea transplants as a result of Goshen Hospital’s efforts and the generosity of their donors. These individuals were suffering from corneal blindness and had their vision restored thanks to corneal donations.

“We are honored to present this award to Goshen Hospital for their continued improvement, the dedication to their families and their commitment to helping restore vision through corneal transplants,” said Danielle Shafer, VisionFirst professional services coordinator.

Providing over 2,000 corneas for transplant annually, VisionFirst is the largest eye bank in Indiana. VisionFirst has been helping to eliminate corneal blindness for nearly 50 years. 

Most passengers at airport since 2001

SOUTH BEND — South Bend International Airport (SBN)  served the most passengers during the first quarter of 2019 since 2001. The airport said 193,252 passengers flew in and out of the facility in the first quarter of 2019 compared to 188,273 in 2001.

That’s an increase of 23.42% in the first quarter of 2019 compared with the same period in 2018.

This growth is largely due to Project Propel, which encourages companies to invest in the regional economy by adopting a Fly Local First policy that favors the South Bend/Elkhart and Southwest Michigan region over the Chicago region.

“The recent increase of passengers flying in and out of South Bend would not be possible without the continued dedication and support of our community,” said Mike Daigle, SBN’s executive director. “Choosing to fly local will lead to more flight options and will make doing business with our region easier, faster and less expensive.”

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