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Goshen High School hands out boys basketball camp awards

Awards given out for performance in drills and defense.

Posted on July 1, 2014 at 4:21 p.m.


Goshen High School Boys Camp

Award Placers

Second Grade: Hotshot — 1st, Kyan Miller, 2nd, Brock Elion, 3rd, Ryen Diaz. Layups — 1st, Ryen Diaz, 2nd, Kerby Coble, 3rd, Kyan Miller. Dribbling — 1st, Ryen Diaz, 2nd, Kerby Coble, 3rd, Kyan Miller. Free Throw — 1st, Kerby Coble, 2nd, Brock Elion, 3rd, Nestor Sanchez.

Third Grade: Hotshot — 1st, Brady Abney, 2nd, Lincoln Clark, 3rd, Andre Williams. Layups — 1st, Andre Williams, 2nd, 2nd, Tyson Chupp, 3rd, Myles McLaughlin. Dribbling — 1st, Myles McLaughlin, 2nd, Tyson Chupp, 3rd, Andre Williams. Free Throws — 1st, Tyson Chupp, 2nd, Andre Williams, 3rd, Merrill Weddell.

Fourth Grade: Hotshot — 1st, Quinn Bechtel, 2nd, Adam Whitehead, 3rd, Lleyton Weddell. Layups — 1st, Quinn Bechtel, 2nd, Nathan Pinarski, 3rd, Tommy Claxton. Dribbling — 1st, Quinn Bechtel, 2nd, Yabi Kurtz, 3rd, Nathan Pinarski. Free Throws — 1st, Tyson Chupp, 2nd, Quinn Bechtel, 3rd, Nathan Pinarski.

Fifth Grade: Hotshot — 1st, Drew Hogan, 2nd, Carter Schmucker, 3rd, Kyree Hood. Layups — 1st, Drew Hogan, 2nd, Roman Schrock, 3rd, Carter Schmucker. Dribbling — 1st, Drew Hogan, 2nd, Roman Schrock, 3rd, Carter Schmucker. Free Throws — 1st, Drew Hogan, 2nd, Jamie Rivera, 3rd, Hayden McDonald.

Sixth Grade: Hotshot — 1st, Carlos Lichty, 2nd, Mateo Machuca, 3rd, Colin Turner. Layups — 1st, Colin Turner, 2nd, Mateo Machuca, 3rd, Carlos Lichty. Dribbling — 1st, Mateo Machuca, 2nd, Kory Knisley, 3rd, Colin Turner. Free Throws — 1st, Elijah Conner, 2nd, Mateo Machuca, 3rd, Tony Swihart. 

Seventh Grade: Hotshot — 1st, Ryan Har, 2nd, Jason Holmes, 3rd, Jarah Byler. Layups — 1st, Ryan Harmelink, 2nd, Zach Barker, 3rd, Jarah Byler. Dribbling — 1st, Ryan Harmelink, 2nd, Zach Barker, 3rd, Jarah Byler. Free Throws — 1st, Zach Barker, 2nd, Joseph Naryan, 3rd, Jarah Byler.

Eighth Grade: Hotshot — 1st, Diego Torres, 2nd, Austin Cain, 3rd, Eric Newell. Layups — 1st, Joseph Good, 2nd, Bryant Robins, 3rd, Diego Torres. Dribbling — 1st, Bryant Robinson, 2nd, Austin Cain, 3rd, Porter Revoir. Free Throws — 1st, Austin Cain, 2nd, Allan Garrett, 1st, Jack Immel.

Cager of the Week: Second Grade — Kyan Miller. Third Grade — Andre Williams. Fourth Grade — Quinn Bechtel. Fifth Grade — Drew Hogan. Sixth Grade — Mateo Machuca. Seventh Grade — Ryan Harmelink. Eighth Grade — Diego Torres. 

Redskin Spirit: Second Grade — Kerby Coble. Third Grade — Lincoln Clark. Fourth Grade — Adam Whitehead. Fifth Grade — Hayden McDonald. Sixth Grade — Colin Turner. Seventh Grade — Jarah Byler. Eighth Grade — Joseph Good.

Knockout winners: Second Grade — Kerby Coble (2), Kyan Miller (2), Ryen Diaz. Third Grade — Tyson Chupp (3), Myles McLaughlin, Jace Hershberger. Fourth Grade — Myles McLaughlin, Tommy Claxton, Quinn Bechtel. Fifth Grade — Drew Hogan (4), Ashton Craw, Jeff Hershberger. Sixth Grade — Drew Hogan (2), Quinn Bechtel, Carlos Lichty, Colin Turner. Seventh Grade — Zach Barker. Eighth Grade — Joseph Good.

1-on-1: Fourth Grade — 1st, Quinn Bechtel; 2nd, Yabi Kurtz; 3rd, Deecon Hill. Fifth Grade — 1st, Drew Hogan; 2nd, Carter Schmucker, 3rd, Roman Schrock. Sixth Grade — 1st, Mateo Machuca; 2nd, Colin Turner; 3rd, Carlos Lichty. Seventh Grade — 1st, Ryan Harmelink; 2nd, Zach Barker; 3rd, Jacob Mosness. Eighth Grade — 1st, Porter Revior; 2nd, Joseph Good; 3rd, Diego Torres. 

Fourth & Fifth Grade All-Defensive Team: Nathan Pinarski, Alex Parga, Jake Turner, Roman Schrock, Carter Schmucker, Anders Revoir.

Sixth, Seventh & Eighth Grade All-Defensive Team: Connor Ratcliff, Elijah Conner, Sebastian Fisher, Parker Everingham, Joseph Naryan, Jacob Mossness, Eric Newell, Felix Perez-Diener, Braxton Kincaid. 


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