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Tigers C Avila recovering from hit to head

Detroit C Alex Avila recovering after being hit in head
Posted on June 7, 2014 at 5:52 p.m.

DETROIT (AP) — Tigers catcher Alex Avila is out of the starting lineup for Detroit’s game against Boston on Saturday night, but the team says he’s progressing well after being hit in the head by the follow-through of David Ortiz’s swing.

Avila was injured in the eighth inning Friday night and left the game. Trainer Kevin Rand says Avila initially had some concussion symptoms, such as a headache, but those symptoms were gone Saturday.

Rand says any time Avila is hit — regardless of whether there are any concussion signs — the team has him wear a CryoHelmet, which cools the head and carotid artery.

Avila wears that after the game if he’s hit in the head. Rand says Avila had it on for about 30 minutes after Friday’s game.

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