NLC salutes top wrestlers of 2013-14

Northern Lakes Conference tournament was snowed out, so dual meets were used to determine final standings.

Posted on Feb. 24, 2014 at 6:22 p.m.

GOSHEN — With a 7-0 dual record and no tournament because of the winter weather, Plymouth won the 2013-14 Northern Lakes Conference wrestling championship.

Goshen (6-1) placed second while Elkhart Memorial (5-2) came in third.

Among the all-NLC first teamers are Goshen's Scotty Huff, Derek Paz, Jaron Katzer, Evan Smith, John Trenshaw and Mr. Wilcher, Memorial's Jon Osoria, Tieshawn Johnson, Tony Vaughn, Northridge's Ryan Baxter and Jon Yoder, NorthWood's Derek Weldy, Concord's DeLawrence Gayfield and Leandro Rodriguez and Wawasee's Michael Pena.

Plymouth's Bob Read was chosen as NLC Coach of the Year.

All-NLC Wrestling

First team: DeLawrence Gayfield (Concord), Tieshawn Johnson (Elkhart Memorial), Jon Osoria (Elkhart Memorial), Mr. Wilcher (Goshen), Derek Paz (Goshen), Evan Smith (Goshen), Ryan Baxter (Northridge), Triston Rodriguez (Plymouth), Drew Dodson (Plymouth), Kyle Hatch (Warsaw), Leandro Rodriguez (Concord), Tony Vaughn (Elkhart Memorial), Scotty Huff (Goshen), John Trenshaw (Goshen), Jaron Katzer (Goshen), Jon Yoder (Northridge), Derek Weldy (NorthWood), Aaron Houin (Plymouth), Cody Allmon (Plymouth), Michael Pena (Wawasee).

Honorable mention: David Eli (Elkhart Memorial), Nolan Wright (Plymouth), Vincente Vasquez (Plymouth), Tristin Posler (Wawasee), Isaac Zickafoose (Northridge), Jeremy Splix (Plymouth), Anthony Hendrickson (Warsaw).

Final NLC standings: Plymouth 7-0, Goshen 6-1, Elkhart Memorial 5-2, Northridge 4-3, Warsaw 3-4, NorthWood 2-5, Concord 1-6, Wawasee 0-7.

NLC Coach of the Year: Bob Read (Plymouth).

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