Saturday, February 6, 2016

File photo: Northridge senior Jon Stoller prepares to swim his leg of the 400-yard freestyle relay. Northridge High School hosted the IHSAA boys' swimming and diving sectional in Middlebury on Saturday, Feb. 22 2014. Northridge won the meet overall. (James Buck / The Elkhart Truth)
Penn, Northridge swim to state finals
Posted on March 1, 2014 at 10:25 a.m.

INDIANAPOLIS — Penn grabbed two top seeds in the state preliminaries Friday, Feb. 28.

The Kingsmen 200 free relay and 500 free swimmer Bowen Anderson nabbed the top spot in Saturday’s finals.

Penn and Northridge both qualified for the 200 medley relay. Northridge’s Jon Stoller earned the second seed in the 200 individual medley.

The top eight swimmers in each event will compete for the state finals Saturday, while Nos. 8-16 compete in the consolation finals.

Summary of Events

200 medley relay — Chesterton (Aaron Whitaker, Jack Wallar, Blake Pieroni, Gary Kostbade) 1:30.65. Also: 4th, Penn 1:34.03; 5th, Northridge 1:35.40; 29th, Elkhart Central 1:40.30

200 freestyle — Parks Jones (Avon) 1:37.29. Also: 6th, Spencer Lehman (Nr) 1:41.10; 16th, Seth Cripe (Nr) 1:43.29;

200 individual medley — Blake Pieroni (Ches) 1:46.78. Also: 2nd, Jon Stoller (Nr) 1:49.42; 8th, Hudson Bursch (Penn) 1:52.17; 20th, Camden Koch (Nr) 1:55.65; 27th, Anthony Vernasc (Penn) 1:56.42; 34th, Derek Roth (EC) 1:58.10.

50 freestyle — Kyle DeCoursey (Zion) 20.65. Also: 2nd, Mate Kovacs (Penn) 20.71; 32nd, Takoda Friesen (Nr) 22.54.

100 butterfly — Aaron Whitaker (Ches) 46.61; Also: 3rd, Bowen Anderson (Penn) 48.79; 18th, Derek Roth (EC) 51.44; 22nd, Stephen Krecsma (Con) 51.93.

100 freestyle — Blake Pieroni (Ches) 43.52. Also: 31st, Brad Whitehead (EC) 49.39.

500 freestyle — Bowen Anderson (Penn) 4:27.05. Also: 5th, Spencer Lehman (Nr) 4:34.00; 6th Hudson Bursch (Penn) 4:34.91; 14th, Seth Cripe (Nr) 4:40.38; 20th, Chayton Friesen (Nr) 4:43.66.

200 freestyle relay — Penn (Mate Kovacs, Bowen Anderson, Hudson Bursch, Adam Wait) 1:24.73. Also: 12th, Central 1:27.67; 18th, Northridge 1:28.40.

100 backstroke — Aaron Whitaker (Ches) 47.31. Also: 14th, Camden Koch (Nr) 52.57; 19th, Kyle Morris (Penn) 52.98.

100 breaststroke — Cody Taylor (CN) 54.56. Also: 8th, Jon Stoller (Nr) 56.22; 22nd, Anthony Vernasc (Penn) 59.75.

400 freestyle relay — Chesterton (Blake Pieroni, Ethan Whitaker, Patrick Curley, Aaron Whitaker) 2:59.36. Also: 6th, Penn 3:08.38; 9th, Northridge 3:09.58.

Next: State finals at Indiana University Natatorium 1 p.m. Saturday, March 1.