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More from a conversation with Crimson Charger boss Jacquie Rost

Posted on Sept. 13, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on Sept. 13, 2013 at 4:18 p.m.

Elkhart Memorial’s Jacquie Rost earned her 500th career varsity volleyball victory Tuesday at Mishawaka.

Memorial's Jacquie Rost confers with her team on her way to volleyball win No. 501 Thursday at Concord. (Truth photo by Jon Garcia) Memorial's Jacquie Rost confers with her team on her way to volleyball win No. 501 Thursday at Concord. (Truth photo by Jon Garcia)

The oft-honored, high-energy coach, who added the school’s athletic director duties in July, was profiled Thursday on etruth.com, but here’s more from our conversation earlier this week.

On what she loves about coaching: "I love the chance to win. I jokingly tell people that I love winning, but I really do love winning, and every coach loves winning, but I also really love practices, going to practices and connecting with the players. I like the strategy and figuring out with each group of girls how that team is going to win. It’s never exactly the same, because your team is never exactly the same. I love figuring out our strengths and how we’ll train, and then seeing the fruit of that labor in competition."

On becoming the "boss" of her husband, 12th-year Charger baseball coach Scott Rost: "I think he’s getting a little sick of hearing jokes about that. I think he was after about a week, but he’s been excited for me. (As AD), I haven’t been able to come right home even when we don’t play, and he’s really flexible about it. With volleyball (being a fall sport), we were kind of thrown right into this. It should get better."

On whether she considers herself stronger as a tactician/strategist or as a motivator, given that opposing coaches have praised her for both: "I think the tactical and strategy part has developed over the years, and I really do enjoy that, but I don’t know that it’s the most important thing. It’s the connections you make with the athletes, because it’s with those connections that you have the ability to motivate. Communication is something I try to stress every year. Some athletes are more challenging than others and you can’t handle them all the same way. I try to be pretty reflective on how I handle the girls and the dynamics of the team."

On who will handle annual evaluations of the volleyball coach and baseball coach: "That’s probably front-office administration. That won’t be me."

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