Casaletto, Morehead of host ECA tops in hokum karem

Northrdige’s Blyly, Penn’s Danielle Frank and Emma Jankowski take individual crowns.

Posted on Aug. 23, 2014 at 9:14 p.m.

Girls Cross Country

Con/Gosh/BC/NW in ECA Hokum Karem

Cen/Mem/Penn in NIC Stomp/SB Stampede

Edwburg in Gobles Trail Relay


Kayla Casaletto and Maddie Morehead of the host Eagles teamed up as the winning pair in the Elkhart Christian Academy Hokum Karem girls cross country meet at Woodlawn Trails on Saturday, Aug. 23, while Concord took the team title.

Three pairs were scored together to determine team standings.

In the Viking Stampede at Niles, Mich., Northridge’s Morgan Blyly was individual champion in 20:11, nine seconds ahead of teammate McKenzie Love.

In the NIC Stomp at Ox Bow, Penn cruised to the Grades 11-12 and Grades 9-10 team titles, led by champions Danielle Frank and Emma Jankowski, respectively.


Elkhart Christian Hokum Karem

(At Woodlawn Trails)

Team scores: Concord 1:57:36, Goshen 1:58:58, Hobart 2:01:59, Elkhart Christian Academy 2:04:28, NorthWood 2:08:33, Jimtown 2:17:20, Bethany Christian 2:19:10.

Leading pairs: Kayla Casaletto/Maddie Morehead (ECA) 35:29, Heather Johnson/Vanessa Steiner (Con) 38:22, Ally Smith/Anna Nisen (Con) 38:29, Tricia Place/Bethany Pollock (Gosh) 39:15, Ariana Perez-Diener/Adrienne Henke 39:21, Kaylee Gubricky/Marina Ahner (Hob) 39:38, Erica Stutzman/Kate Jarvis (NW) 39:40, Kirsten Graves/Nora Rangel (Gosh) 40:22.


NIC Stomp

(At Ox Bow)

Grades 11/12 scores: Penn 46, SB St. Joseph 80, LaPorte 84, New Prairie 85, SB Adams 98, Mishawaka 118, Elkhart Central 168. Incomplete: Bremen, SB Washington, Elkhart Memorial, SB Riley, Marian.

Top 11/12 individuals: Danielle Frank (Penn) 19:30.69, Brooke Moore (Memorial) 20:03, Kailee Schoof (LaP) 20:13, Sarah Hamilton (Penn) 20:22, Kacie O’Neal (Riley) 20:30, Marie Didion (LaP) 20:33, Michaela Lewis (Adams) 20:44, Frankie Spring (Penn) 21:05, Erin O’Laughlin (NP) 21:10, Hope Myroup (NP) 21:12, Amanda Dibley (Central) 21:16, Jessica Duvall (Mish) 21:24.

Grade 9/10 scores: Penn 15, LaPorte 57, Bremen 118, Elkhart Central 118, Mishawaka 128, SB St. Joseph 155, Elkhart Memorial 190, SB Adams 201, SB Clay 210. Incomplete: New Prairie, Marian, SB Riley, LaVille.

Top 9/10 individuals: Emma Jankowski (Penn) 19:38.31, Dani Spring (Penn) 19:55, Jill Woods (Penn) 19:56, Lauren Frank (Penn) 20:18, Haley Schuck (NP) 20:32, Jordyn Bloode (NP) 21:20, Hannah Selis (Penn) 22:19, Lizzie Kampf (NP) 22:21.


Viking Stampede

(At Dowagiac, Mich.)

Team scores: St. Joseph 27, Northridge 34, Watervliet 92, Lakeshore 92, Niles 136, Buchanan 183.

Top Northridge individuals:1st, Morgan Blyly 20:11.61; 2nd, McKenzie Love 20:20; 9th, Brianna Eggleston 21:46; 10th, Molly Campbell 21:47; 12th, Mollie Campbell 22:09; 13th, Jalyn Smith 22:38; 14th, Nikki Willey 22:53; 15th, Megan Campbell 23:01.


(At Fairfield)

Maddison Miller (F) 22:19.7, Aspen Dirr (PH) 22:20.9, Kali Reese (F) 24:14, Taylor Stidham (F) 24:18, Katie Cooper (PH) 24:22, Christie Scott (PH) 24:50, Faith Avila (PH) 25:01.1, Kenzie Bobeck (F) 25:01.4, Calyn Howell (F) 25:37, Karly Dallas (F) 25:44.


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