Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Penn's McNamara leads area in three offensive categories

The numbers reflect those provided by coaches from 14 area Indiana high schools.

Posted on June 21, 2014 at 3:47 p.m.

If there was a Triple Crown for high school hitters in The Elkhart Truth area, Penn senior Colin McNamara would have come very close during the 2014 baseball season.

Based on statistics provided by coaches from schools covered by the The Elkhart Truth, McNamara led in batting average at .521 and home runs at six and was second in runs batted in with 40. He also paced the area with four triples.

Concord senior Nick DeFreese hit .500 with several other players over .400.

With five each, Concord junior Brenden Curry and Elkhart Christian senior Tanner Watson were tied for second in the area among home runs leaders.

Fairfield senior Tony Zook led the area with 44 RBI.

Hitting the most doubles was NorthWood senior Will Kirkwood with 16, followed by Zook with 12.

Penn senior Cole Harlacher scored an area-pacing 41 runs. Penn senior C.J. Banashak and Fairfield senior Forrest Glogouski tallied 39 runs each.

The area stolen base king was Concord senior Duncan Boone with 21. Elkhart Christian senior Kenny Bearss and Northridge junior Payton Carson were close behind with 20 swipes apiece.

On the pitching side of things, Penn senior Jake Thoma and Elkhart Memorial senior Jake Tucker tied for the lead in victories with nine each. Fairfield junior Andrew Bobeck won eight games.

Three area pitchers — DeFreese, Harlacher and Elkhart Christian junior Drew Overmyer — tied for three most saves with three apiece.

Tucker's 1.15 earned run average was the lowest based on a minimum of 33 innings pitched. Westview freshman Houston Haney was second at 1.21.

Jimtown junior Nick Floyd racked up an area-leading 78 strikeouts, followed by Curry with 69 and DeFreese with 68.

Baseball Area Leaders



Average (50 AB minimum): Colin McNamara (Penn) .521, Nick DeFreese (Concord) .500, Judah Zickafoose (Westview) .488, Jake Berkey (Wv) .480, Jamar Weaver (Wv) .478, Dylan Guldager (Jimtown) .468, Tanner Watson (Elkhart Christian Academy) .462, Josh Turnock (Marian) .461, Hunter Lane (NorthWood) .442, Trevor Hobbs (Jim) .439, Tanner Cleveland (NW) .438, C.J. Banashak (Penn) .432, Zac Kropf (Fairfield) .420, Gage Reinhard (Wawasee) .413, Cole Harlacher (Penn) .409, Brenden Curry (Con) .408, Ben Hunley (Ff) .403, Chad Sellers (NW) .403, Andrew Kennedy (Northridge) .400, Josh Kelly (ECA) .397, Matt Royeca (Mar) .394, Will Kirkwood (NW) .393, Lucas Miller (Ff) .393, Tony Zook (Ff) .393, Austin Christner (Ff) .390, Vincent Miranda (NW) .390, Forrest Glogouski (Ff) .388, Tarrin Beachy (Wv) .385, Nick Floyd (Jim) .382, Payton Carson (Nr) .375, Cristian Romero (Bethany Christian) .375, Tanner Farmwald (NW) .370, Jake Baylis (Nr) .367, Elliott Lares (Penn) .366, Dominic Miranda (NW) .365, Daniel Asbury (Elkhart Memorial) .364, Kenny Bearss (ECA) .361, Andrew Bobeck (Ff) .361, Jesse Zepeda (Elkhart Central) .360, Tyler Perry (Penn) .358, Ryan Duckworth (BC) .357, Jordan Glasgow (BC) .355, Luke Schneider (Penn) .355, Kyle McCoy (NW) .354, Blake Cleveland (NW) .346, Craig Kasten (Nr) .345, Drew Overmyer (ECA) .341, Noah Pawlak (EM) .338, Andy Ross (Nr) .338, Kyle Mast (Ff) .337, Keegan Mawhorter (Jim) .333, Tim McMahon (Mar) .333.

Home Runs: Colin McNamara (Penn) 6, Brenden Curry (Con) 5, Tanner Watson (ECA) 5, Austin Christner (Ff) 4, Tony Zook (Ff) 4, Cole Harlacher (Penn) 3, Andrew Kennedy (Nr) 3, Matt Miller (Nr) 3, Ryan Mott (Jim) 3, Chase Anderson (Wv) 2, Brett Austin (Con) 2, Jake Berkey (Wv) 2, Kohle Christner (Wv) 2, Blake Cleveland (NW) 2, Dylan Guldager (Jim) 2, Craig Kasten (Nr) 2, Will Kirkwood (NW) 2, Hunter Lane (NW) 2, Kyle Mast (Ff) 2, Dominic Miranda (NW) 2, Tyler Perry (Penn) 2, Stephen Pinarski (Con) 2, Cam Ridenour (Nr) 2, Cristian Romero (BC) 2, Andy Ross (Nr) 2, Judah Zickafoose (Wv) 2.

Triples: Colin McNamara (Penn) 4, Daniel Asbury (EM) 3, C.J. Banashak (Penn) 3, Austin Christner (Ff) 3, Josh Turnock (Mar) 3, Judah Zickafoose (Wv) 3, Jake Berkey (Wv) 2, Nick DeFreese (Con) 2, Forrest Glogouski (Ff) 2, Walter Griffin (ElkCe) 2, Hunter Lane (NW) 2, Tim Lira (Penn) 2, Lucas Miller (Ff) 2, Stephen Pinarski (Con) 2, Cristian Romero (BC) 2.

Doubles: Will Kirkwood (NW) 16, Tony Zook (Ff) 12, Andrew Kennedy (Nr) 11, Hunter Lane (NW) 11, Josh Turnock (Mar) 11, Jake Berkey (Wv) 10, Nick DeFreese (Con) 10, Cole Harlacher (Penn) 10, Noah Pawlak (EM) 10, C.J. Holman (Jim) 9, Kyle Mast (Ff) 9, Nate Prescott (Waw) 9, Brenden Curry (Con) 8, Josh Kelly (ECA) 8, Colin McNamara (Penn) 8, Logan Norment (Jim) 8, Gage Reinhard (Waw) 8, Jake Vernon (Con) 8, Judah Zickafoose (Wv) 8.

Runs Batted In: Tony Zook (Ff) 44, Colin McNamara (Penn) 40, Josh Turnock (Mar) 33, Nick DeFreese (Con) 32, Tyler Perry (Penn) 31, Will Kirkwood (NW) 29, Brenden Curry (Con) 28, Lucas Miller (Ff) 27, Tanner Cleveland (NW) 26, Cole Harlacher (Penn) 26, Austin Christner (Ff) 25, Nick Floyd (Jim) 25, Tanner Watson (ECA) 25, Tanner Farmwald (NW) 24, Hunter Lane (NW) 24, Scottie Clark (EM) 23, Josh Kelly (ECA) 23, Zac Kropf (Ff) 22, Brandon Stesiak (Penn) 21, Forrest Glogouski (Ff) 20, Tim Lira (Penn) 20, Matt Royeca (Mar) 20.

Runs Scored: Cole Harlacher (Penn) 41, C.J. Banashak (Penn) 39, Forrest Glogouski (Ff) 39, Austin Christner (Ff) 38, Hunter Lane (NW) 35, Colin McNamara (Penn) 33, Tyler Perry (Penn) 33, Tanner Watson (ECA) 33, Jamar Weaver (Wv) 33, Tarrin Beachy (Wv) 31, Zac Kropf (Ff) 31, Tim McMahon (Mar) 31, Duncan Boone (Con) 30, Brenden Curry (Con) 30, Austin Toth (Penn) 28, Kyle Mast (Ff) 27, Stephen Pinarski (Con) 27, Gage Reinhard (Waw) 27, Blake Cleveland (NW) 26, Ben Hunley (Ff) 26, Dominic Miranda (NW) 26, Judah Zickafoose (Wv) 25, Tony Zook (Ff) 25, Drew Anderson (Waw) 24, Kenny Bearss (ECA) 24, Payton Carson (Nr) 24, Nick DeFreese (Con) 24, Lucas Miller (Ff) 24, Chad Sellers (NW) 24, Will Kirkwood (NW) 24, Daniel Asbury (EM) 23, Jesse Zepeda (ElkCe) 23, Drew Overmyer (ECA) 22, Tanner Farmwald (NW) 21, Brock Goeglein (Ff) 21, Cameron Maxwell (EM) 21, Noah Pawlak (EM) 21, Jon Bailey (EM) 20, Kohle Christner (Wv) 20, Kyle McCoy (NW) 20.

Stolen Bases: Duncan Boone (Con) 21, Kenny Bearss (ECA) 20, Payton Carson (Nr) 20, Jake Berkey (Wv) 17, Forrest Glogouski (Ff) 17, Judah Zickafoose (Wv) 17, Brenden Curry (Con) 16, Zac Kropf (Ff) 16, Cameron Maxwell (EM) 14, Tanner Watson (ECA) 14, Matt Miller (Nr) 13, Jake Baylis (Nr) 12, Nick DeFreese (Con) 12, Drew Anderson (Waw) 11, C.J. Banashak (Penn) 11, Tanner Farmwald (NW) 11, Dylan Guldager (Jim) 11, Cole Harlacher (Penn) 11, Austin Toth (Penn) 11, Sam Troyer (Nr) 10, Jamar Weaver (Wv) 10, Matt Williams (Con) 10.


Wins: Jake Thoma (Penn) 9, Jake Tucker (EM) 9, Andrew Bobeck (Ff) 8, Cole Harlacher (Penn) 7, Vincent Miranda (NW) 7, Skylar Szynski (Penn) 7, Tarrin Beachy (Wv) 6, Austin Christner (Ff) 6, Nick DeFreese (Con) 6, Houston Haney (Wv) 6, C.J. Holman (Jim) 6, Jim Catanzarite (Mar) 5, Brenden Curry (Con) 5, Gage Fannin (Waw) 5, Nick Floyd (Jim) 5, Andrew Kennedy (Nr) 5, Andy Ross (Nr) 5, Chad Sellers (NW) 5, Nate Thomas (Mar) 5, Zach Weinkauf (Jim) 5, Scottie Clark (EM) 3, Dustin Everage (Ff) 3, R.J. Green (Penn) 3, Derrike Johns (Wv) 3, Jamar Weaver (Wv) 3, Matt Williams (Con) 3.

Saves: Nick DeFreese (Con) 3, Cole Harlacher (Penn) 3, Drew Overmyer (ECA) 3, C.J. Holman (Jim) 2, Kyle Mast (Ff) 2, Derrick Oley (EM) 2, Noah Pawlak (EM) 2, Colin Rudicil (ElkCe) 2, Alex Zarazee (Mar) 2.

Earned Run Average (33 IP minimum): Jake Tucker (EM) 1.15, Houston Haney (Wv) 1.21, Nick DeFreese (Con) 1.45, Skylar Szynski (Penn) 1.64, Nick Floyd (Jim) 1.65, J.P. Kavanaugh (Mar) 1.70, C.J. Holman (Jim) 1.85, Cole Harlacher (Penn) 1.87, Brenden Curry (Con) 1.91, Deric Haynes (Gos) 2.07, Jim Catanzarite (Mar) 2.42, Tarrin Beachy (Wv) 2.54, Gage Fannin (Waw) 2.91, Chad Sellers (NW) 2.93, Zach Weinkauf (Jim) 2.98.

Strikeouts: Nick Floyd (Jim) 78, Brenden Curry (Con) 69, Nick DeFreese (Con) 68, Skylar Szynski (Penn) 66, Andrew Bobeck (Ff) 63, Austin Christner (Ff) 62, Jake Tucker (EM) 61, Tarrin Beachy (Wv) 54, Deric Haynes (Gos) 51, Andy Ross (Nr) 49, Houston Haney (Wv) 45, C.J. Holman (Jim) 43, Jim Catanzarite (Mar) 41, Jamar Weaver (Wv) 41, Scottie Clark (EM) 39, Jorge Pizana (Gos) 39, Cole Harlacher (Penn) 38, Matt Williams (Con) 36, Drew Overmyer (ECA) 34, Jake Thoma (Penn) 34, Andrew Kennedy (Nr) 32, Vincent Miranda (NW) 31, Nate Thomas (Mar) 31, Zach Weinkauf (Jim) 31.

Note: Statistics based on those provided by area coaches.

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