Penn boys win Northern Indiana Conference all-sports honor for 24th straight year

The Kingsmen have now earned 24 straight boys titles.

Posted on June 16, 2014 at 2:57 p.m.

SOUTN BEND — For the 24th straight year, Penn High School boys have claimed the Northern Indiana Conference All-Sports Trophy.

Penn girls also earned an all-sports championship.

For 2013-14, the Kingsmen took 342.50 out of a possible 350 boys points and 298.75 out of a possible 315 girls points.

Elkhart Central and Marian tied for sixth in the boys standings.

Marian came in third and Elkhart Central fifth in the girls all-sports count.

The awards are to be presented at the NIC dinner in October.



Final Standings

Boys (championships in parentheses): Penn 342.50 (football, tennis, co-soccer, basketball, wrestling, swimming, baseball, golf), St. Joseph 287.50, Mishawaka 256.25 (track), Riley 255 (cross country), Adams 250, Marian 237.50, Elkhart Central 232.50 (co-soccer), Clay 196.25, Washington 192.50.

Girls (championships in parentheses): Penn 298.75 (golf, cross country, basketball, swimming, track), St. Joseph 260 (soccer, tennis), Marian 250 (volleyball, softball), Adams 247.50, Elkhart Central 217.50, Mishawaka 212.50, Riley 190, Washington 176.25, Clay 172.50.


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