NorthWood salutes spring athletes

MVP honors went to Bailey Gessinger, Zach BeMiller, Alec Dutkowski, Allie Mattingly, Taitlyn Trenshaw, Reagan Smith, Brianna Tuttle, Tori Schwartz, Kennedy Walter and Sydney Wysong.

Posted on June 4, 2014 at 7:21 p.m.

NAPPANEE — NorthWood High School has honored all its spring sports programs with the exception of baseball, which is still playing in the postseason.

MVP honors went to Bailey Gessinger and Zach BeMiller in boys track; Alec Dutkowski in boys golf; Allie Mattingly in softball; Taitlyn Trenshaw, Reagan Smith and Brianna Tuttle in girls track; and Tori Schwartz, Kennedy Walter and Sydney Wysong in girls tennis.

NorthWood Spring Awards

Baseball: To be named later.

Boys Track: MVP — Bailey Gessinger (overall and track), Zach BeMiller (field). Mental Attitude — Bennett Parker, Nick Skwarcan. Captains — Matthew Prochno, Jacob Snider, Reid Yoder. Century Club — Bailey Gessinger, Nick Swarcan.

Boys Golf: MVP — Alec Dutkowski. Mental Attitude — Hayden Klotz. Captains — Brayden Glaser, Logan Kauffman. Most Improved — Devon Podlesak.

Softball: MVP — Allie Mattingly. Mental Attitude — Emily Schrock. Captain — Allie Mattingly. Most Improved — Claire McGuire. Offensive Player of the Year — Allie Mattingly. Defensive Player of the Year — Arika Flickinger, Summer Stillson. Pitching — Taylor Troxel. JV Baserunning — Mekenzie Jarrell.

Girls Track: MVP — Taitlyn Trenshaw (overall), Reagan Smith (track), Brianna Tuttle (field). Mental Attitude — Inger Yoder. Captains — Abby Adams, McKenna Mikel, Reagan Smith, Leah Tuttle, Inger Yoder. Most Improved — Leah Tuttle. Century Club — Reagan Smith, Taitlyn Trenshaw.

Girls Tennis: MVP — Tori Schwartz, Kennedy Walter, Sydney Wysong. Mental Attitude — Hannah Walter (varsity), Mikayla Bley (JV). Captains — Tori Schwartz, Kennedy Walter, Sydney Wysong. Most Improved — Hannah Walter (varsity), Jama Rice (JV). Most Wins: Singles — Sydney Wysong (14; varsity); Taylor Luster (18; JV). Doubles — Tori Schwartz/Kennedy Walter (varsity); Elizabeth Mikel (JV; 17).

Athletic Trainers: Outstanding Trainer — Nikki Warstler. Most Improved — Audra Graber.

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