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Elkhart Memorial's Blake Kramer runs the distance medley relay. Goshen High School hosted the 72nd running of the Goshen Relays on Saturday, April 26, 2014. (James Buck / The Elkhart Truth) (Buy this photo)

Elkhart Memorial's Blake Kramer (1082) and the field take off in the 1600 meter. Goshen High School hosted the 72nd running of the Goshen Relays on Saturday, April 26, 2014. (James Buck / The Elkhart Truth) (Buy this photo)

Elkhart Memorial's Blake Kramer (1082) and the field take off in the 1600 meter. Goshen High School hosted the 72nd running of the Goshen Relays on Saturday, April 26, 2014. (James Buck / The Elkhart Truth) (Buy this photo)

Elkhart Memorial's Blake Kramer (1082) runs by with the lead back in the first lap of the 1600 meter. Goshen High School hosted the 72nd running of the Goshen Relays on Saturday, April 26, 2014. (James Buck / The Elkhart Truth) (Buy this photo)

Elkhart Memorial's Blake Kramer (1082) runs the 1600 meter. Goshen High School hosted the 72nd running of the Goshen Relays on Saturday, April 26, 2014. (James Buck / The Elkhart Truth) (Buy this photo)

Elkhart Memorial's Blake Kramer (1082) runs the 1600 meter. Goshen High School hosted the 72nd running of the Goshen Relays on Saturday, April 26, 2014. (James Buck / The Elkhart Truth)

Elkhart Memorial's Blake Kramer (1082) runs the 1600 meter. Goshen High School hosted the 72nd running of the Goshen Relays on Saturday, April 26, 2014. (James Buck / The Elkhart Truth) (Buy this photo)
Blake Kramer kept his legs going for Elkhart Memorial at the Goshen Relays boys track meet
Posted on April 26, 2014 at 9:20 p.m.

GOSHEN — Moments after Blake Kramer crossed the finish line, friends and opponents greeted him with high fives and handshakes.

Kramer just finished fourth in the Goshen Relays 1600-meter open run, a solid feat among 16 of Northern Indiana's best milers.

Despite the congratulations coming his way, Kramer couldn't hide the disappointment. He was a few seconds off the personal best time for which he was gunning. And after a strong first 800, he hit a wall in the third lap that he couldn't bounce back from.

"I was all warmed up," said the Elkhart Memorial senior. "I just couldn't go."

But he was the top finisher among local teams, losing only to runners from LaPorte, South Bend Adams and Carroll. Surely that counts for something.

He shook his head: "I gotta win, in my eyes. I don't like losing. I'll accept it and learn from it."

An hour earlier, he was the anchor of Memorial's distance medley relay team. He ran a blistering 1600 in the race, recording an unofficial personal best and boosting Memorial from the back of the pack to fifth place.

"Blake ran people down," Memorial coach Adam Homo said. "He's not afraid of doing that."

The Goshen Relays on Saturday, April 26, marked the first time Kramer ran two 1600s in one day. The effort took an unanticipated toll on his body.

"It was difficult," he said of running the open 1600 after running the relay. "That's probably why that third lap was so hard. But I'm not going to make excuses. I just got to get in better shape."

Consistently finishing among the upper echelon relies on as much behind-the-scenes work as it does running the actual event. During the downtime between his events, Kramer consulted with Homo before disappearing for a two-mile jog to stay loose. He munched on protein bars and replenished with Herbalife 24.

There's the mental aspect, too. He approaches the open 1600 run differently than he would the same distance in a relay event.

"(In the open run), I'm only running for myself. In a relay, I'm running for my team," he said. "It's more than just myself I'm fighting for. If I lose, it's not only me losing, there are three other guys."

He must also mentally map out how he'll approach the race — how he envisions the run, how he'll approach each lap, when he'll kick.

In the minutes before the starting gun, Kramer ran sprints up and down the Goshen soccer field to get his body temperature up.

"He is one of the most health-conscious kids that we've had," Homo said. "He can tell us exactly what his intake is every day, exactly how much he's worked out. ... He is one of two kids that knows exactly what his body feels like and what he needs to do to refuel and get ready for the next event."

Kramer's a man of routine.

The night before a race, he'll usually eat the same tilapia and white rice meal he's eaten since the beginning of his junior season. He still sports a white headband for every meet, a tradition that started with Memorial's state championship appearance in 2012.

During the off-season, he trained every day with fellow Memorial runner Spencer Dibley.

"I am a little bit (superstitious)," he said. "I'd rather do what works than not."

Kramer ran one final event for the Goshen Relays — the lead leg of the 1600 relay. He got the Chargers off on a good start, but the otherwise young Memorial squad finished seventh in their heat and 12th in the final standings among 16 teams. Warsaw won the Class A division, and West Noble won Class B.

Meets like the Goshen Relays provide learning opportunities for runners like Kramer and ways to shave off seconds before sectionals. He'll aim his sights at 1:53 in the 800, 4:20 in the 1600 and under 49 seconds in the 400 by the end of the season. From there, Kramer will continue his running career at Indiana State, Tiffin or Eastern Michigan.

"I know what I need to do," he said. "Learn from my bad performance in the (1600) open — well, the 'not-as-good' performance in the open. Otherwise, it was a pretty good day."



Goshen Relays

Class A

Team Scores: Warsaw 100, Penn 86, Carroll 71, South Bend Adams 71, Goshen 54, Northridge 49, Mishawaka 48, Fort Wayne Wayne 39, Fort Wayne North Side 38, Elkhart Central 35, Michigan City 31, Elkhart Memorial 30, LaPorte 28, Concord 24, South Bend Clay 24, South Bend Riley 23.

Summary of Events

3200 relay — Penn (Christian Wittendorf, Taylor Neff, Tyler Krathwohl, Thomas Gates) 8:07.62, Warsaw 8:12.80, Carroll 8:15.70, Northridge 8:26.26, Goshen 8:29.92, Elkhart Central 8:35.71, Concord 8:37.41, Fort Wayne North Side 8.37.86.

Distance medley relay — Carroll (Jacob Schmeling, Josh Holmes, Kevin Salter, Cameron Clements) 10:57.69, Warsaw 11:02.83, Penn 11:03.31, Goshen 11:03.69, Elkhart Memorial 11:07.71, LaPorte 11:07.88, Concord 11:16.72, Michigan City 11:27.27..

800 relay I — Warsaw (Chad Goon, Ryan Goon, Gabe Furnivall, Mike Miller) 1:32.74, Carroll 1:34.67, Northridge 1:35.52, Fort Wayne Wayne 1:36.16, South Bend Clay 1:36.34, Elkhart Memorial 1:47.62, Concord 1:37.64.

800 relay II — South Bend Adams (Prince Gee, Joel Nyjrongo, Connor Pearson, Shag Vann) 1:32.08, Penn 1:33.90, Fort Wayne North Side 1:34.16, Michigan City 1:34.35, South Bend Riley 1:37.00, Elkhart Central 1:37.85, Goshen 1:38.94, Mishawka 1:41.92.

110 hurdles — Tim Deal (Pe) 15.30, Kaleb Johnson (Car) 15.82, Austin Healey (Nr) 15.99, Steven Johnson (EM) 16.35, Envoy Hienz-Hodgson (MC) 16.39, Max Weaver (Pe) 16.49, Quinten Holley (Go) 16.55, Makiyah Smallwood (MC) 16.92.

400 relay I — Warsaw (Tanner Balazs, Tristan McClone, Gabe Furnivall, Mike Miller) 43.26, Fort Wayne Wayne 44.73, Michigan City 45.27, Mishawaka 45.38, Goshen 45.42, Elkhart Memorial 47.32, Carroll 49.00.

400 relay II — South Bend Adams (Tre Norman, Prince Gee, Joel Nyjrongo, Shaq Vann) 43.57, South Bend Clay 44.30, Penn 44.32, Fort Wayne North Side 44.94, South Bend Riley 45.59, Northridge 45.77, Concord 45.82, Elkhart Central 45.92.

1600 I — Anthony Didion (LP) 4:19.86, Andrew Timmons (SBA) 4:23.35, Cameron Clements (Car) 4:26.49, Blake Kramer (EM) 4:33.63, Ricardo Castillo (Go) 4:35.01, Nick Bergin (War) 4:35.83, Conner Sandy (Nr) 4:38.55, Travis Kulczar (SBR) 4:48.42.

1600 II — Valentin Emmanuel (FWNS) 4:32.77, Blake O’Dell (Nr) 4:34.80, Sam Miller (LP) 4:35.00, Gerardo Abad (Go) 4:43.66, Colin Richardson (Mish) 4:49.80, Bryon Berg (MC) 4:50.40, David Salon (SBR) 4,51.55, Reis Kennedy (Pe) 4:51.70.

800 medley relay I — South Bend Adams (Tre Norman, Joel Nyjrongo, Shaq Vann, Prince Gee) 1:36.19, Fort Wayne North Side 1:36.61, Elkhart Central 1:41.45, Northridge 1:42.43, Elkhart Memorial 1:42.43, South Bend Riley 1:47.49, Fort Wayne Wayne 1:55.76.

800 medley relay II — Concord (Tevin Williams, Josh Emerson, Jerrell Pointdexter, Darnell Bean) 1:38.68, Penn 1:38.70, Warsaw 1:40.03, Carroll 1:40.92, Mishawaka 1:42.37, Goshen 1:43.28, South Bend Clay 1:50.33.

100 — Shaq Vann (SBA) 11.17, Mike Miller (War) 11.29, Drue Tranquil (Car) 11.64, Tristan McClone (War) 11.76, Ryan Jones (MC) 11.78, Anthony Taborn (SBC) 11.99, Dylan Jensen (MC) 12.23.

1600 relay I — Warsaw (Landon Perry, Chad Goon, Ryan Goon, Gabe Furnivall) 3:24.90, Fort Wayne North Side 3:30.69, Concord 3:33.67, Elkhart Central 3:41.81, South Bend Riley 3:44.25, Fort Wayne Wayne 3:45.54, Elkhart Memorial 3:48.72, Michigan City 3:49.21.

1600 relay II — Penn (Christian Wittendorf, Thomas Gales, Zach Oakley, Tim Deal) 3:26.06, Mishawaka 3:30.60, Carroll 3:30.1, Goshen 3:34.35, South Bend Adams 3:34.50, Northridge 3:53.57, South Bend Clay 4:13.81.

Long Jump — Tim Deal (Pe) 22-0, Sam Anderson (Car) 21-5¾, Dontell Parker (FWW) 21-4¾, Davendrick Hall (MC) 20-8¾, Ryan Jones (MC) 20-8¾, Rashaan Jackson (War) 20-8½, David Doyle (EM) 20-8¼, Dion Williams (LP) 20-4¾.

Discus — Erik Escobedo (Mish) 148-4, Jari DaDa (FWW) 143-9, Seth Fouts (War) 140-9, Andrew Schiedt (War) 138-11, Keion Johnson (EC) 137-2, Austin Coons (SBA) 135-2, Mitchell Watts (Go) 133-7, Nicholas Gerber (Go) 131-9.

High Jump — Robert Lambert (Mish) 6-7 1/4, Treyton Harris (EC) 6-6, Stephen Kolbe (War) 6-4, Yoshua Reed (SBR) 6-2, Samuel Byler (Go) 6-2, Rummel Johnson (Go) 6-2, Austin Healey (Nr) 6-1, Tryese Easton (FWW) 6-0.

Shot Put — Seth Fouts (War) 60-7, Michael Fickert (Nr) 51-10, Jari DaDa (FWW) 51-4, Keion Johnson(EC) 50-9½, Isaiah Cook (Pe) 50-2, Mitchell Watts (Go) 47-3½, Bryce Banghart (EM) 46-5¼, Erik Escobedo (Mish) 45-5½.

Pole Vault — Peter Loughran (Pe) 13-4, Jacob Payne (LP) 13-0, Noah Gray (Car) 13-0, Tanner Bradley (Mish) 12-6, Jacob Isnogle (Go) 12-0, Josh Bustos (Go) 12-0, Jake Fayed (War) 11-6, Ryan Haarer (Nr) 11-0.

Class B

Team scores: West Noble 79, Gary West Side 76, Fairfield 74, Lakeland 58, Glenn 57, NorthWood 55, Wawasee 54, East Noble 46, Jimtown 42, New Prairie 42, Bremen 41, Whitko 38, Columbia City 35, Prairie Heights 33, Plymouth 33, Wabash 31, South Bend St. Joseph 30, Marian 26, Central Noble 26, Culver Academy 26, South Bend Washington 26, LaVille 24, Garrett 23, Westview 20.

Summary of Events

3200 relay I — Lakeland (Eric Herber, Nick Byler, Mishael Theis, Joseph Trost) 8:18.34, Glenn 8:22.42, Columbia City 8:25.70, New Prairie 8:40.55, South Bend St. Joseph 8:53.88, Prairie Heights 8:56.30, East Noble 8:59.94, Wabash 9:07.46.

3200 relay II — West Noble (Brandon Arnold, Jonathan Moreno, Justin Contreras, Chris Ibanez) 8:32.11, Fairfield 8:38.57, Plymouth 8:57.79, Mishawaka Marian 9:04.18, Gary West Side 9:16.94, Garrett 9:22.83, NorthWood 9:27.92, Central Noble 9:28.20.

Distance medley relay I — New Prairie (TJ Weaver, Drake Dierdorf, Collin Babcock, David Kampf) 11:14.1 NorthWood 11:17.75, Culver Military 11:35.79, Glenn 11:44.76, Mishawaka Marian 11:45.10, Gary West Side 11:54.16, South Bend St. Joseph 11:56.41, Central Noble 12:07.82, Jimtown 12:08.94.

Distance medley relay II — Lakeland (Joseph Trost, Mishael Theis, Nick Byler, Eric Herber) 11:14.31, Columbia City 11:14.33, Bremen 11:18.82, Fairfield 11:20.84, West Noble 11:41.84, East Noble 12:10.07, Wawasee 12:14.84, Prairie Heights 12:27.45.

800 relay I — Plymouth (AJ Styers, Taylor Fulton, Jack Barron, Michael Hartman) 1:34.46, Bremen 1:39.65, South Bend St. Joseph 1:40.80, LaVille 1:41.25, East Noble 1:45.15, Central Noble 1:50.57.

800 relay II — Gary West Side (Lonnie Johnson, Henry Smith, Darius Barnes, Deronte Bell) 1:33.90, Jimtown 1:35.37, Whitko 1:35.57, NorthWood 1:36.68, Mishawaka Marian 1:40.37, Glenn 1:40.40, Columbia City 1:42.62.

800 relay III — Fairfield (Seth Hoffman, Konrad Dallas, Mitch Dewitt, Nolan Miller) 1:36.18, Wabash 1:38.22, Garret 1:40.68, West Noble 1:41.27, Lakeland 1:43.60, New Prairie 1:45.22, Prairie Heights 1:59.20.

110 hurdles — Clayton Cook (Waw) 14.98, Cameron Kitson (Ff) 15.18, Khalil Upshaw (GWS) 15.62, Zach Shepard (PH) 15.63, Alex Morales (Wh) 16.09, Peyton Shrock (WN) 16.20, Donald Swanson (SBW) 16.22.

400 relay I — Central Noble (Robby Smiley, Nick Taylo, Connor Blevins, Joel Cochard) 46.44, East Noble 46.82, NorthWood 47.67, Columbia City 47.77, LaVille 49.18, Bremen 49.19.

400 relay II — Gary West Side (Barry Wesby, Carlton Sims, Lonnie Johnson, Jonvae Johnson) 42.25, South Bend Washington 43.45, Fairfield 45.14, Whitko 45.70, Wabash 45.85, West Noble 46.02, Mishawaka Marian 48.09, Westview 49.94.

400 relay III — Jimtown (Mason Castro, Marquis Scheiber, Chance Livings, Adam Gill) 46.32, New Prairie 47.02, Plymouth 47.13, Glenn 47.78, Garrett 49.05, Prairie Heights 50.55.

1600 I — Brandon Arnold (WN) 4:26.12, Adam Doll (Waw) 4:31.22, Joe Vandiver (EN) 4:32.56, David Kampf (NP) 4:34.31, Mitch Perkins (PH) 4:44.85, Alex Oberlin (Ff) 4:46.56, Conner Foster (Ga) 4:49.29, Caleb Darr (NW) 4,54.35.

1600 II — Luke Runyan (Gl) 4:24.85, Zach Cockrill (Waw) 4:43.14, Alejandro Tumoine (CM) 4:50.29, Salvador Campos (WN) 4:4.83, Wesley Blackhawk (GW) 4:58.12, Zach Rice (CN) 4:59.32, Matt Kline (EN) 5:02.02, Spencer Shank (Wv) 5.05.24.

1600 III — Sam Hall (Wab) 4:40.17, Landon Miller (Ff) 4:40.48, Joseph Trost (Lk) 4:55.67, TJ Waever (NP) 4:58.47, Mason Pippenger (NW) 5:00.97, Derek Miller (Wh) 5:10.53, Conner Gasper (J) 5:16.84, Bryan Starcevich (Br) 5:17.76.

800 medley relay I — Lakeland (Eli Wallace, Dustin Cunningham, Taylor Raatz, Nick Byler) 1:49.72, 2 Whitko 1:32.47, Fairfield 1:43.50, Glenn 1:45.87, Mishawaka Marian 1:48.79, LaVille 1:50.29, Prairie Heights 1:52.71.

800 medley relay II — Jimtown (Mason Castro, Chance Livings, Adam Gill, Marquis Scheiber) 1:39.46, Gary West Side 1:40.83, Columbia City 1:44.37. Garrett 1:45.30, Wawasee 1:45.60, South Bend St. Joseph 1:46.59, Central Noble 1:50.24.

800 medley relay III — West Noble (Julio Garcia, Peyton Shrock, Justin Contreras, Jaden Kreft) 1:39.74, Plymouth 1:40.43, East Noble 1:40.74, New Prairie 1:42.68, Bremen 1:47.60, Wabash 1:47.67, NorthWood 1:48.08, Westview 1:50.50.

100 — Jonvae Johnson (GW) 11.08, Sam Lacher (Bre) 11.20, Deonne Weatherspoon (SBW) 11.30, Clayton Cook (Waw) 11.33, Barry Wesby (GW) 11.36, Michael Hartman (Pl) 11.56, Denottus Crumbley (SBW) 11.87.

1600 relay I — West Noble (Jonathan Moreno, Logan Heintzelman, Kam Bontrager, Jaden Kreft) 3:38.86, Fairfield 3:41.24, Glenn 3:46.98, Central Noble 3:51.55, Whitko 3:57.22, Wawasee 3:58.66, LaVille 4:12.76.

1600 relay II — NorthWood (Bailey Gessingr, Matt Prochno, Nick Skwarcan, Reid Yoder) 3:30.98, Columbia City 3:37.47, New Prairie 3:39.49, South Bend St. Joseph 3:41.24, East Noble 3:43.86, Bremen 3:44.14, Prairie Heights 3:47.13, Jimtown 3:48.18.

1600 relay III — Gary West Side (Deronte Buggs, Barry Wesby, Carlton Sims, Jonvae Johnson) 3:23.81, South Bend Washington 3:37.01, Lakeland 3:40.03, Wabash 3:41.75, Mishawaka Marian 3:54.88, Garrett 3:56.16, Westview 4:00.08.

Long Jump — Marquis Scheiber (J) 21-0¼, Eric Burns (CM) 20-11½, Jaden Kreft (WN) 20-6¼, Bucky Carpenter (Wv) 20-6, Dustin Cunningham (Lk) 20-3, Brady Herendeen (Wh) 20-0, Bradley Martin (WN) 19-11¾, Brett Sible (EN) 19-9¼.

Discus — Jacob Brown (EN) 145-4, Isaac Eash (LV) 128-9, Jon Walker (Waw) 136-7, Quinn Groff (WN) 136-3, Hunter Schuman (Gl) 131-1, Gavin Howard (Wh) 128-1, Zach Hewitt (Wh) 128-0, Zach BeMiller (NW) 127-10.

High Jump — Devon Hunsberger (NW) 6-4, JJ Gilmer (Waw) 6-2, Khalil Upshaw (GWS) 6-0, Jaden Kreft (WN) 6-0, Bennett Parker (NW) 6-0, Sam De Trempe (SBSJ) 5-10, Kyle Kipetski (LV) 5-10, Thomas Martin (Ff) 5-10.

Shot Put — Hunter Schuman (Gl) 58-3¼, Evan Garretson (Lk) 51-7½, Peter Wiegand (SBSJ) 45-2½, Zach Ricketts (Br) 45-1, Izayah Newsom (Mar) 44-6, David Walbring (NP) 43-1½, Chandler Aspy (Wv) 42-11½, Adam Hursey (WN) 42-2.

Pole Vault — Zach Shepard (PH) 15-0, Trey Kennedy (Wv) 14-0, Morgan Cosby (Ff) 14-0, Cameron Kitson (Ff) 13-0, Caleb Nash (CM) 11-6, Beau Beeson (Br) 11-6, Nolan Pilarski (NP) 11-0, Austin Shepard (PH) 10-6.