Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wawasee High School winter sports Warrior Way award and blanket recipients are (from left): Gage Reinhard (boys basketball), Courtney Linnemeier (girls basketball), Taylor Heck (gymnastics), Michael Pena (blanket), Zac McKee (wrestling), Hannah Rhoades (girls swimming), Allyson Weaver (cheerleading) and Logan Haessig (boys swimming). (Photo Supplied)
Wawasee High School presented winter Warrior Way awards to athletes
Posted on March 26, 2014 at 2:22 p.m.

SYRACUSE — Wawasee High School presented winter Warrior Way awards to Gage Reinhard (boys basketball), Zac McKee (wrestling), Logan Haessig (boys swimming), Courtney Linnemeier (girls basketball), Hannah Rhoades (girls swimming), Taylor Heck (gymnastics) and Allyson Weaver (cheerleading).

Wawasee Awards

Boys Basketball: Warrior Way — Gage Reinhard. WTD — Sam Clark. Carry-Over — Aaron Voriol. Got Your Back — Kody Carpenter. Belief and Commitment — Alex Clark. JV Coach's — Tyler Smith. Freshman Coach's — Tim Conley.

Wrestling: Warrior Way — Zac McKee. MVP — Tristin Ponsler. Most Improved — Zach Ford. Coach's — Stephen Possell. Freshman — Marcos Mejia. Most Pins — Michael Pena. Most Escapes — Logan Bowers.

Boys Swimming: Warrior Way — Logan Haessig. MVP — Logan Brugh. Up and Coming — Mylon Betts. Most Improved — Owen Donahoe. Mental Attitude — Ethan Knepp. Coach's — Cameron Kritzman.

Girls Basketball: Warrior Way — Courtney Linnemeier. Performance Player of the Year — Kylee Rostochak. Program Administrator — Brett Ward. Warrior — Megan Grindle. JV — Kayla White.

Girls Swimming: Warrior Way — Hannah Rhoades. MVP — Breanna Robinson. Heart of a Warrior — Madison McBride. Up and Coming Freshman — Paige Miller. Most Improved — Bridgette Yoder. Coach's — Anna Park. Mental Attitude — Kayla Hershberger.

Gymnastics: Warrior Way — Taylor Heck. MVP — Emily Allen. Drive, Desire, Determination — Autumn Yoder. Most Improved — Haleigh Smarr. Coach's — Molly Smith. Outstanding Freshman — Jadelyne Skelton.

Cheerleading: Warrior Way — Allyson Weaver. Performance — Karen Caballero. Spirit — Lyric Lambright. Most Improved — Melodie Jones. Mental Attitude — Chelsea Kidd.

Jacket winners: Jeff Bartman, Logan Bowers, Jaden Bussert, Karen Caballero, Owen Donahoe, Allissa Flores, Zach Ford, Ashleigh Frecker, Michaela Herendeen, Kayla Hershberger, Ethan Knepp, Tenaya Krill, Zac McKee, Tristin Ponsler, Kristine Pruitt, Chase Rookstool, Aubrey Schmeltz, Molly Swartz, Trisha Varney, Allyson Weaver, Erin Wiktorowski, Bridgette Yoder.

Blanket winner: Michael Pena.