FOOTBALL NLC recognizes top ‘13 performers

Concord's Dawson, Northridge's Wogomon share NLC Coach of the Year honors.
Posted on Nov. 5, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — Champion Concord has seven players — seniors Ethan Beabout, Duncan Boone, Steven Gattman, Jacob Kronk, Mike McQueen and Trevor Wilmore and junior Jerrell Pointdexter — on the all-Northern Lakes Conference football first team.

Concord’s Tim Dawson and Northridge’s Tom Wogomon are co-NLC Coaches of the Year.

Northridge’s first-team players are seniors Craig Kasten and Lucas Wickey and juniors Michael Fickert, Cam Ridenour and Travis Schlabach.

Wawasee’s first-teamers are seniors Austin Lutz and Braxton O’Haver and juniors Clayton Cook and Gage Reinhard.

NorthWood’s first-teamers are senior Luke Edwards and junior Zach BeMiller.

Elkhart Memorial’s first-teamers are senior Tieshawn Johnson and junior Kaleb Summers.

Goshen’s first-teamers are seniors John Trenshaw and Mitchell Watts.

All- NLC Football

First team: sr. ol/dl Ethan Beabout (Concord), sr. lb Duncan Boone (Concord), sr. ol/dl Steven Gattman (Concord), sr. rb/lb Jacob Kronk (Concord), sr. ol/dl Mike McQueen (Concord), jr wo Jerrell Pointdexter (Concord), sr. qb Trevor Wilmore (Concord), sr. lb Tieshawn Johnson (Elkhart Memorial), jr. lb/rb Kaleb Summer (Elkhart Memorial), sr. rb John Trenshaw (Goshen), sr. ol Mitchell Watts (Goshen), jr. ol/de Michael Fickert (Northridge), sr. s/p/rb Craig Kasten (Northridge), jr. rb/lb Cam Ridenour (Northridge), jr. rb/s Travis Schlabach (Northridge), sr. g/dt Lucas Wickey (Northridge), jr. ol/dl Zach BeMiller (NorthWood), sr. rb/d Luke Edwards (NorthWood), jr. wr Justin Drudge (Plymouth), sr. s Michael Garrity (Plymouth), sr. rb Michael Hartman (Plymouth), sr. olb John Stillson (Plymouth), sr ib Vicente Vasquez (Plymouth), sr. r Tanner Balasz (Warsaw), sr. lb/te Seth Fouts (Warsaw), sr. ss Gabe Furnivall (Warsaw), sr. lb Kyle Heckaman (Warsaw), sr. rb Tristan McClone (Warsaw), jr. wr Clayton Cook (Wawasee), sr. db/wr Austin Lutz (Wawasee), sr. lb Braxton O’Haver (Wawasee), jr. qb Gage Reinhard (Wawasee).

Area honorable mention: Concord — sr. s Nick DeFreese, sr. wr Adam Glanders, sr. wr Chris Martin. Northridge — sr. wr/db Sam Ahonen, jr. wr/db Payton Carson, jr. dl Isaac Zickafoose. Wawasee — sr. dl Dusty Akers, sr. db/rb Brandin McCulloch. NorthWood — sr. qb Will Kirkwood. Elkhart Memorial — sr. wr/qb/db Nathan Troutman. Goshen — jr. ol Nick Gerber.

NLC Co-Coaches of the Year: Tim Dawson (Concord), Tom Wogomon (Northridge).

Final NLC standings: Concord 6-1, Northridge 5-2, Plymouth 5-2, Warsaw 5-2, Wawasee 4-3, NorthWood 2-5, Elkhart Memorial 1-6, Goshen 0-7.

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