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Wawasee winter sports award winners of the Warrior Way and Blanket Awards are: (front row, from left) Chad Eppley, wrestling; Alexis Blunk, girls basketball; (back row) Sebastian List, boys swimming; Deea Coy, gymnastics; Kody Carpenter, boys basketball; Jenna Coy, cheerleading; and Caitlin Clevenger, girls swimming. (Photo Supplied) (AP)
Awards Wawasee presents winter winners

Posted on March 21, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on March 21, 2013 at 12:06 p.m.

SYRACUSE — Kody Carpenter in boys basketball, Alexis Blunk in girls basketball, Deea Coy in gymnastics, Sebastian List in boys swimming, Caitlin Clevenger in girls swimming, Chad Eppley in wrestling and Jenna Coy in cheerleading were presented the prestigious Warrior Way Awards during the Wawasee High School winter sports awards program earlier this week.

Blunk and Eppley, each involved in three sports, also earned Blanket Awards based on a cumulative points system.

Alex Goralczyk, Cassie Martinez, Breanna Robinson, Rachel Rozow and Brett Ward notched Watch Awards.

Wawasee Awards

Boys basketball: Warrior Way — Kody Carpenter. Preparation — Jeffrey Moore. Accountability — Gage Reinhard. Team Effort — Stori Bright. Heart/MVP — Alex Clark. Frosh — Aaron Beer.

Girls basketball: Warrior Way — Alexis Blunk. Performance Player of Year — KiLee Knafel. Perseverance — Cassie Martinez. Warrior — Kylee Rostochak. JV — Allissa Flores. Frosh — Katyln Kennedy.

Gymnastics: Warrior Way — Deea Coy. MVP — Kim Garber. Drive/Desire/Determination — Taylor Busse. Most improved — Emma Hoyle. Coaches’ — Esther Hermann. JV — Taylor Heck.

Boys swimming: Warrior Way — Sebastian List. MVP — Zac Hershberger. Heart of a Warrior — Andrew Busse. Up and Coming Freshman — Logan Brugh. Most improved — Corey Kenworthy. Coaches’ — Caige Wahlgren. Mental attitude — Austin Krizman.

Girls swimming: Warrior Way — Caitlin Clevenger. MVP — Breanna Robinson. Heart of a Warrior — Kayla Hershberger. Up and Coming Freshman — Betsy Rozow. Most improved — Emma Donahoe. Coaches’ — Sam Bontrager. Mental attitude — Jennifer Slabaugh.

Wrestling: Warrior Way — Chad Eppley. MVP — Nick Rozow. Rookie — Tristin Ponsler. Most improved — Javier Lopez. Coaches’ — Doug Corl.

Cheerleading: Warrior Way — Jenna Coy. Coaches’ — Alex Stover. Spirit — Breanna Weisser, Cassidy Heltzel. Captain — Derrick Sorensen. Coaches’ — Karen Caballero, Tenaya Krill.

Multi-sport: Blanket — Alexis Blunk, Chad Eppley. Watch — Alex Goralczyk, Cassie Martinez, Breanna Robinson, Rachel Rozow, Brett Ward.