Marathons Course mark falls twice at GC races

Stieglitz bests record Sunday set by Gillette Saturday.
Posted on Feb. 25, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Feb. 25, 2013 at 11:53 a.m.

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GOSHEN — Goshen’s Jake Gillette broke the course record Saturday then Fort Wayne’s Grant Stieglitz topped that on Sunday at the fifth running of the Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon at Goshen College.

Gillette was clocked in 2 hours, 52 minute minutes, 5.5 seconds for 204 laps and 26.316 miles at the Roman Gingerich Rec-Fitness Center. His pace was 6:32 per mile.

Stieglitz then finished the race in 2:50.10.4. He clicked off miles at a pace of 6:28.

Goshen’s Laura Gillette finished third overall and first among females on Saturday in 3:14.53.3, the third-best female indoor marathon performance of all-time.

The best female clocking on Sunday was the 3:29.37.6 of LaPorte’s Michelle Didion (fourth overall).

Goshen’s Melissa Gillette’s indoor record set at last year’s Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon was eclipsed in January at the Zoom Yah Yah Marathon in Minnesota.

There were 30 finishers — 22 men and eight women — at Saturday’s Maple Leaf and 31 — 23 men and eight women — Sunday.

Greg Beaulieu, Dick Canterbury, Benn Griffin, Mark Jankosky, Chris Judson, John Kiser, Jim Merriman, Jim Morrical, Jennifer Savage, Bekah Shank, Zeb Wall, Bill Wells and Stan Zygmunt completed the marathon both days.

Money raised from the event will go to LaCasa, Inc. of Goshen: Help-A-House and Hemophilia of Indiana.

Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon

At Goshen College

Top 10 Placers

Saturday: Jake Gillette 2:52.05.5, John Kiser 3:10.45.3, Laura Gillette 3:14.53.3, Mark Paulson 3:19.46.6, Chad Lawless 3:35.28.8, Bob Schluben 3:39.38.4, Maggie Guterl 3:43.20.3, Melissa Bergeron 3:44.28.4, Bekah Shenk 3:53.27.3, Dick Canterbury 3:53.52.7.

Sunday: Grant Stieglitz 2:50.10.4 (course record), Chris Kamrath 3:15.24.6, John Kiser 3:26.30.8, Michelle Didion 3:29.37.6, Bekah Shenk 3:46.18.8, Sean Frick 3:46.30.5, Tim Gonyea 3:48.20.1, Susanna Maines 3:51.19.8, Dick Canterbury 4:03.35.6, Amy Formica 4:11.35.4.

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