Girls State Swimming & Diving Information

Penn's Galat, Wawasee's Robinson among top seeds.
Posted on Feb. 7, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Feb. 7, 2013 at 5:49 p.m.

Girls State Swimming & Diving

(At IU Natatorium, Indianapolis)

Friday, Feb. 8, 6 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 9, 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Area Qualifiers

200 medley relay — 9th seed, Penn (Addisyn Bursch, Abby Hildebrandt, Bethany Galat, Jennifer Priebe. Alternates — Madeline Bradford, Anna Darr, Annie Spalding, Casey Ziegert); 22nd, Concord (Mariah DeFreese, Ashley Schrock, Laura Housman, McKenzie Wright. Alternates — Rachel Enright, Peyton Miller, Avery Smith, Sydney Shuff).

200 freestyle — 1st, Breanna Robinson (Wawasee); 15th, Brittney Walters (Northridge); 18th, Emily Meckstroth (Penn).

200 individual medley — 1st, Bethany Galat (Penn); 5th, Addisyn Bursch (Penn); 12th, Annie Spalding (Penn); 29th, Ashley Schrock (Concord).

50 freestyle — 23rd, Jennifer Priebe (Penn); 27th, McKenzie Wright (Concord).

Diving — Melissa Berger (NorthWood), Danielle Forbes (Penn), Jenna Denlinger (Northridge).

100 butterfly — 23rd, Natalie Evans (Goshen); 30th, Anna Darr (Penn).

100 freestyle — 1st, Breanna Robinson (Wawasee); 16th, Addisyn Bursch (Penn).

500 freestyle — 6th, Brittney Walters (Northridge); 17th, Emily Meckstroth (Penn); 23rd, Abby Hildebrandt (Penn).

200 freestyle relay — 7th, Penn (Bethany Galat, Annie Spalding, Emily Meckstroth, Jennifer Priebe. Alternates — Madeline Bradford, Anna Darr, Brianne Oberlie, Casey Ziegert); 9th, Concord (Ashley Schrock, Mariah DeFreese, Sydney Shuff, McKenzie Wright). Alternates — Rachel Enright, Peyton Miller, Allie Herkenroder, Avery Smith); 14th, Northridge (Brittani Grove, Ashley Owens, Sydney Boyer, Brittney Walters. Alternates — Tessa Peter, Courtney Clark, Miranda Vancoppenolle, Nikki Willey); 16th, Wawasee (Rachel Rozow, Kendra Miller, Kayla Hershberger, Breanna Robinson. Alternates — Cassidy Manning, Cailin Clevenger, Betzy Rozow, Mikala Mawhorter).

100 backstroke — 28th, Madeline Bradford (Penn); 30th, Betzy Rozow (Wawasee).

100 breaststroke — 3rd, Bethany Galat (Penn); 4th, Annie Spalding (Penn); 15th, Abby Hildebrandt (Penn); 20th, Ashley Schrock (Concord).

400 freestyle relay — 15th, Penn (Anna Darr, Addisyn Bursch, Madeline Bradford, Emily Meckstroth. Alternates — Abby Hildebrandt, Casey Ziegert, Annie Spalding, Bethany Galat); 17th, Northridge (Sydney Boyer, Tessa Peter, Brittani Grove, Brittney Walters. Alternates — Courtney Clark, Miranda Vancoppenolle, Ashley Owens, Nikki Willey); 21st, Wawasee (Kayla Hershberger, Betsy Rozow, Kendra Miller, Breanna Robinson. Alternates — Mikala Mawhorter, Caitlin Clevenger, Rachel Rozow, Hannah Winters).

Advancement: The top 16 in each swimming event in Friday’s prelims will return for competition on Saturday with the top eight individuals vying for state championship honors. Those finishing 9-16 on Friday will make up the competitors in the consolation heats. All diving will take place on Saturday with the top 20 of 32 competitors advancing from the prelims to the semifinals after five dives each. After three dives each in the semifinals, the top 16 will advance to the final round for another three dives each.

Cost: $8 per session or $12 for both days.

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