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Notre Dame defensive tackle Jarron Jones won't be hampered by size

Jarron Jones is bigger than your average defensive lineman, but Brian Kelly says size isn’t a concern.

Posted on Aug. 27, 2014 at 3:11 p.m.

Even in the football world, Notre Dame defensive tackle Jarron Jones is considered a big guy.

Jones, a junior from Rochester, N.Y., towers over the rest of the Notre Dame defensive line at 6-foot-5½ and 315 pounds. Compare that to fellow inside lineman Sheldon Day, who measures at 6-foot-2 and 285 pounds. Only one other player on the defensive line two-deep cracks 6-foot-4, freshman Grant Blankenship (6-4¼ and 252 pounds).

According to statistics complied by Pro Football Weekly and athleticscholarships.net, the average top tier college defensive tackle is 6-2 and 292-295 pounds — only slightly bigger than Day.

But is his size a detriment?

As an interior lineman in a 4-3 defense, pad level and gap penetration abilities are imperative. And head coach Brian Kelly isn’t concerned.

“Jarron Jones has the flexibility, so when we are recruiting a player that may be 6‑4 or 6‑5 and may seem big for that position, if he can bend and he's flexible, the two, three inches really doesn't make a difference,” Kelly said Tuesday, Aug. 26. “So his ability to bend, his athletic ability really doesn't put him in a disadvantage at that position.”

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