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Whose points are they anyway? Breaking down Notre Dame's Blue-Gold scoring system

You might be confused trying to keep up with what earns points in Saturday's Blue-Gold scrimmage.

Posted on April 9, 2014 at 12:17 p.m.

Do you miss the days when the only way to score in football were from touchdowns, extra points/conversions, field goals and safeties?

If so, you'll have to wait for August.

Notre Dame gears up for its annual Blue-Gold scrimmage game, continuing the recent model of the entire offense vs. the entire defense and the wonky scoring system that comes along with it.

Need to know how the offense can score three points off a field goal but the defense also scores one point in the process? Sounds more like Whose Line is it Anyway? To simplify, here's a breakdown of how Notre Dame will score the scrimmage Saturday, April 12:


Field goal — 3 points.
Touchdown — 6 points.
Extra point — 1 point.
Two-point conversion — 2 points.
Big-chunk pass (20+ yards) — 2 points.
Big-chunk run (20+ yards) — 2 points.
Two consecutive first downs — 2 points.

Defensive stop before 50-yard line — 4 points.
Defensive stop after 50-yard line — 2 points.
Turnover forced before 50-yard line — 7 points.
Turnover forced after 50-yard line — 3 points.
Forces a field goal (Make or miss) — 1 point.
Three-and-outs — 2 points.

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