Notre Dame Power Rankings: Week 1

Notre Dame’s reenergized offense leads this week’s power rankings.

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Posted on Aug. 31, 2014 at 12:48 p.m.

Notre Dame Power Rankings

These power rankings gauge where Notre Dame players rate each week. The rankings account for both week-to-week and overall play.

Week 1

1. Everett Golson, quarterback: Could it be anybody else? Golson electrified in his return under center. His first true test will come against Michigan in Week 2, but Golson gives Notre Dame a lot to be excited about.

2. Jaylon Smith, linebacker: Smith didn’t load the stat sheet, but his presence was felt every time Rice tried to run the ball. The sophomore had a monster open-field tackle when the Owls tried to run away on 3rd-and-10, and he finished with three tackles (one for a loss).

3. Greg Bryant, running back: There wasn’t much room for anyone else to shine during Golson’s performance, but Bryant averaged an eye-popping 8.9 yards per carry for 71 total yards and his first career touchdown against Rice. He’s elusive and quick to react to defenses. 

4. Tarean Folston, running back: Like Bryant, Folston added 71 rushing yards to Notre Dame’s offensive dominance, averaging 5.9 yards per carry in the process. Expect to see Folston and Bryant get the lion’s share of carries against Michigan.

5. Cody Riggs, cornerback: Like Smith, Riggs doesn’t have much going for him on his stat line (only one tackle), but that’s because Rice kept the ball away from his side of the field. Riggs also introduced a revitalized punt return game. He ran back more yards in two returns (49) than Notre Dame did in all of 2012 (48).


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