Notre Dame receiver Will Mahone assaulted, threatened and cursed at officers during arrest, police say

The Notre Dame junior is suspended from all football-related activities after being charged on five counts, three of which are considered felonies.

Posted on June 16, 2014 at 8:43 a.m.

Notre Dame slot receiver Will Mahone faces five charges — three of which are considered felonies — and a suspension from the football team following his arrest Sunday morning, June 15.

According to Mahoning County Sherriff Department records, the Austintown, Ohio, native was arrested on counts of disorderly conduct, assault of a police officer, resisting arrest, intimidation and vandalism. The 20-year-old junior is being held at the Mahoning County Justice Center.

Notre Dame announced Monday evening that head coach Brian Kelly has suspended Mahone indefinitely from all football-related activities.

According to a report from the Austintown Police Department, a police officer arrived on the scene at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday and was told by several witnesses that a “highly intoxicated” Mahone had been head-butting and punching cars and attempting to fight several people.

An officer attempted to calm Mahone down and get down on the ground, to which Mahone responded with curses directed at the officer. At that time, the officer took Mahone to the ground, but he repeatedly resisted arrest.

Once handcuffed, Mahone continued to curse at officers, saying, “Take these cuffs off and I’ll kill you.”

According to the report, the officer began to lead Mahone to the police cruiser, but Mahone began to scream and attempt to pull away. While attempting to pull away, Mahone whipped his head back in an aggressive manner, striking the officer on the left side of the forehead.

Police then accuse Mahone of attempting to kick officers as they took him to the ground again. Police say another officer had to use a higher intensity on his stun gun on Mahone to gain his compliance.

Officers escorted Mahone to the patrol car as he continued to shout threats. Once inside the vehicle, Mahone attempted to kick the back right window of the cruiser and was stunned again. While police spoke to witnesses, he began to spit on the windows and seats of the cruiser and a spit net was applied over his head.

An officer began to transport Mahone to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Austintown to treat the cut on his left eye. When the officer told Mahone he was being driven to the hospital, Mahone yelled more death threats.

As Mahone’s behavior became increasingly volatile, the officer instead rerouted to the MCJC for incarceration. Police allege Mahone then said, “Bro, when I get out, I got a Glock 9 for (you).” 

MCJC refused to admit Mahone. He was then transported to the hospital to treat the laceration, continuing to scream profanities at police and hospital staff.

Once treated, Mahone was taken back to MCJC and incarcerated.

Mahone’s two years at Notre Dame have been marred with injuries and a loaded depth chart. He suffered a severe ankle sprain during training camp his sophomore year before flipping from the already-stacked running back position to slot receiver.

Mahone played in two games last season — quick appearances against Purdue and Michigan State. He figured to be a contender for the slot receiver position this spring, but fractured his foot in the first week.

According to ESPN.com, head coach Brian Kelly said last week that Mahone had returned to summer workouts with the team.


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