Irish in Miami: Follow the morning press conference here

Follow the Notre Dame press conference live.

Posted on Jan. 3, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Jan. 3, 2013 at 9:10 a.m.

Rachel Terlep and Bill Beck are in Miami covering the Notre Dame-Alabama match-up for the national championship.

Follow them and others during this morning's press conference.

Irish press conference live via Twitter

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#Alabama OC Doug Nussmeier and QB AJ McCarron are here for this morning's presser. Updates to follow. http://pic.twitter.com/btRA3k0fRachel Terlep
BCS media access begins bright (?) and early this morning. #Alabama offense at 8 a.m., #NotreDame defense at 9 a.m. Updates to follow.Rachel Terlep
WR Robby Toma on #NotreDame vs. #Alabama: "A couple of us were joking that it's Rudy vs. Forrest Gump. We are both very storied programs."Rachel Terlep
#NotreDame LB Manti Te'o said S Zeke Motta is one of his inspirations. "I can always give more. Zeke Motta always gives more."Rachel Terlep
#NotreDame DC Bob Diaco on Te'o: "Manti has actually practiced harder the last week - since the award circuit - than he has all year long."Rachel Terlep
Manti Te'o on the significance of No. 5: "My dad asked me if I wanted to play football at 5 years old. And since I was 5, I said '5.'"Rachel Terlep
#NotreDame LB Manti Te'o says representing Hawaii and Polynesia is "one of the biggest honors and pleasures I get."Rachel Terlep
Well, I was half right. The emcee drops a "Mantee Tai-yo" about 30 seconds into the introductions. #NotreDameRachel Terlep
@eTruth_Irish what is the over/under? probably less then 5 minutes....SaintKnute
#NotreDame DC Bob Diaco and Manti Te'o are here. Anyone want to bet on how long it takes someone to call him "Monte"? http://pic.twitter.com/6Asg1gM0Rachel Terlep
#Alabama OC Doug Nussmeier and QB AJ McCarron talk about the effectiveness of Manti Te'o. VIDEO: http://goo.gl/5TKvnRachel Terlep
#Alabama OC Doug Nussmeier and QB AJ McCarron are done. #NotreDame DC Bob Diaco and players in next.Rachel Terlep
Nussmeier on #NotreDame redzone D: "They've created a lot of loss yardage plays. When you get out of rhythm down there, it gets difficult."Rachel Terlep
@eTruth_Irish @NDatRivals I think we've found the only person in the country that doesn't know about Manti and how to pronounce his name.Rob Ward
#Alabama OC Doug Nussmeier on #NotreDame's defense vs. rest of SEC: "Very, very comparable. This is a good of a front seven as we've seen."Rachel Terlep
Doug Nussmeier on Manti Te'o: "He always seems to find the ball." AJ McCarron chips in that Te'o is the "heart and soul" of the ND defense.Rachel Terlep
RT @JGIrishInsights: Alabama C Barrett Jones still wearing protective boot. Said he will be ready for MondayRachel Terlep
#Alabama QB AJ McCarron on Barrett Jones: "I did not know he was even hurt during the Georiga game. That should let you know how he played."Rachel Terlep
Nussmeier on McCarron: "AJ's ceiling is so high. I think he's just scratching the surface of where he's going to go as a player." #AlabamaRachel Terlep
RT @NDatRivals: Asked about ND's linebackers, Alabama WR Kevin Norwood references "Monte Te'o, is that his name? I don't watch a lot them."Rachel Terlep
QB AJ McCarron says he needs to bring his A-game against #NotreDame: "They do a really good job of making big plays on the defensive side."Rachel Terlep
#Alabama QB AJ McCarron on OC Doug Nussmeier: "It's kind of crazy. I have less pass attempts than last year but better numbers all around."Rachel Terlep
Irish, Tide ready to get to work in Miami. #ND http://ow.ly/guXEnRachel Terlep
Nick Saban: "Michael Jordan said it doesn't matter how many game-winning shots I've made in the past, all that matters is the next one."Rachel Terlep
WR Robby Toma on #NotreDame vs. #Alabama: "A couple of us were joking that it's Rudy vs. Forrest Gump. We are both very storied programs."Rachel Terlep
Barrett Jones on Manti Te'o: "A great player and an even better guy. That'll be a big thing for us, trying to block a guy like that."Rachel Terlep
@eTruth_Irish I love to hear a player insinuate he's gonna lose. #LNIII=SupermanMike
Building Louis Nix vs. Barrett Jones hype. Jones: "Whoever wins the battle in the trenches will probably win the game." #NotreDame #AlabamaRachel Terlep
Barrett Jones: "On the field, it's not necessarily who's the best team, it's going to be about who plays the better game that day." #AlabamaRachel Terlep
RT @BraxstonCave52: Me and @MGolicJR57 only have 1 queen bed in our hotel room... Uhhh dibs on little spoon?Rachel Terlep
RT @NDFootball: @iChocolate9 having a little fun with Alabama's Christion Jones. #GangnamStyle http://pic.twitter.com/OCbi9fQORachel Terlep
.@etruth_irish and @eTruthSports have arrived in Miami for the #BCS title game. Follow them for #NotreDame news and notes.The Elkhart Truth
#NotreDame lands in Fort Lauderdale. Some pics and comments from the landing (Spoiler alert: There were water cannons): http://goo.gl/8K4ZNRachel Terlep
RT @Andrew_Gribble: We're told an Alabama player will be treated for dehydration when the plane lands shortly. Tide practiced earlier today.Rachel Terlep
RT @ChiTribHamilton: #NotreDame spokesman Brian Hardin said there are no academic casualties and no players under disciplinary action.Rachel Terlep
RT @NDFootball: What a scene in Miami! Thanks for the great welcome, @OrangeBowl. @Discover #BCSChamp http://pic.twitter.com/a4al23YDRachel Terlep
RT @Who_GotJones94: A nice welcome from the orange bowl committee fresh off the plane http://pic.twitter.com/utlbrfpkRachel Terlep
RT @NDFootball: . @KLM_89 getting off the plane in Miami. #SouthBendToSouthBeach http://pic.twitter.com/NYkV5TZFRachel Terlep
Notre Dame-Alabama: A house divided | Sidelines, Bill Beck (Elkhart Truth). http://ow.ly/gu3JVRachel Terlep
Landed in Ft. Lauderdale. Is it sad that I'm most excited for nap time before the first media session? #partylikeajournalistRachel Terlep


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