University of Michigan students to volunteer over spring break

University of Michigan students are giving up spring break vacations for volunteer work in South Bend. 

Posted on March 2, 2014 at 7:13 p.m.

University of Michigan students are being offered the opportunity to make a difference in a community and learn about social issues. 

Fourteen students began their work Sunday morning with Unity Gardens in South Bend painting bee boxes. It is intended that students walk away with a better understanding of how communities are dealing with the issue of hunger and its affects, according to The Elkhart Truth's news partner WNDU.

The students will not only help Unity Gardens with their service, but will also spend some time learning about the local culture in South Bend. Local restaurants and service groups are providing students with meals, while the DoubleTree downtown is putting the students up for the week.

Find out what else University of Michigan students will do during their spring break in South Bend at WNDU's website.

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