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Here's a bit of advice for rabid parent fans: relax

Sit within earshot of a high school sports game and you will hear a few things — sometimes horrible things. It doesn't have to be that way.

Posted on March 11, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.

Sit within earshot and you will hear a few things — sometimes horrible things.

Things I don't wish to repeat.

Things said by parents and fans that are ringing in my ears long after the final buzzer.

When I found the following piece that appeared in the program at the Class B Coloma (Mich.) Boys Basketball Regional, I just had to share.

The author is unknown.

Good stuff.

Sideline Guidelines

A ssumptions: You, as a parent, want your child to have fun while participating in a healthy — both physically and mentally — activity.

C riteria: Players play and parents observe.

T heory: The less you yell, the healthier the experience is — for both you and the players.

Y outh basketball: Players spend more time learning the game than parents do, and …

O nly: the coach, hopefully, spends more time on preparation, therefore …

U nderstanding: the understanding of what should occur during a game is highest with the coaches, second with the players and third with the parents.

R elax: Parents should repeat this word to themselves and enjoy watching their players play.

A pplaud: Reinforce good play and hard work, but please refrain from telling kids what to do while they are playing.

G o: Go to every game. You kids NEED you! They need your love, your presence and your appreciation for their efforts. They DON'T NEED you to yell at them to "shoot it" or "hustle" or "get your hands up" — they'll do it on their own.

E volve: The kids will evolve into fantastic adults — modeling after the conduct they see in the stands tonight.

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