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Minutemen move a mountain ... of snow

The team bonds while digging out the dugout in anticipation for spring ball.

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 12:05 p.m.

Call it cabin fever.

Call it team bonding.

Call it the need to get some of the white stuff off the field to ready for the spring that's bound to come.

Concord High School's baseball team spent part of its Saturday, March 8, with shovels, snow throwers and vehicles, removing some of the inches and inches of accumulation on the varsity field.

The first official day of practice is Monday, March 17, but open gyms and winter training has been going on for sometime.

To break some of the monotony and with the need to remove some of the snow before the thaw, Minutemen head coach Jim Treadway put out the word and he has about 30 players plus coaches out in force.

The plan calls for another snow removal on Saturday, March 15.

Looking at the drifts in the dugout and more than a foot on the other parts of the varsity diamond, Treadway said "I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't play until after spring break."

After this long winter, this spring sports season should be an interesting one.

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