Five former champions in field for Greater Elkhart Men's Golf Championship

The event is Friday, June 27, at Christiana Creek Country Club; Saturday, June 28, at Bent Oak Golf Club; and Sunday, June 29, at Meadow Valley Golf Club.

Posted on June 24, 2014 at 5:46 p.m.

ELKHART — Tee times for the first two rounds of the 2014 Greater Elkhart Men’s Golf Championship have been set by the Elkhart Golf Association.

The same pairings be used Friday, June 27, at Christiana Creek Country Club, and Saturday, June 28, at Bent Oak Golf Club with pairing to be re-drawn for the final round Sunday, June 29, at Meadow Valley Golf Club in Middlebury.

The championship flight will go first Friday and Saturday and last Sunday. Action will begin at 8 a.m. all three days.

The 94-player field features six past champions — Jon Bonfiglio, Neil Farr, Jeff McBride, Kyle Miller and Pat Mohan. All will take part in the 18-player Championship Flight.

For most flights, the handicap index from top to bottom is just a three-point gap.

Greater Elkhart Men's Golf Championship

First- & Second-Round Tee Times

Friday, June 27 & Saturday, June 28

8 a.m.: Jon Bonfiglio, Eric Lebold, Billy Bridwell.

8:10: Dan Hood, Brock Zeeb, Patrick Mohan.

8:20: Kyle Miller, Logan McBride, Brian Ulrich.

8:30: Jeff McBride, Chris Elledge, Zach Hochstedler.

8:40: Neil Farr, Payton Grubbs, Riley Keagle.

8:50: Rhett Holaway, Brian Denny, Brandon Gerlach.

9:00: Frank Iavagnilio, Broc Maurer, Brayden Glaser.

9:10: Mark Landis, Dan Holden, Carter Goodson, Austin Telvin.

9:20: Brian Checkley, James Patterson, Scott Watson, Ryan Bontrager.

9:40: Ryan Ullery, Chris Horoky, Chad Sotebeer.

9:50: Derek Bryant, Jim Stansbury, Josh Davidhizar.

10:00: Dan Demeyer, Rodney Huffman, Nick Foy.

10:10: Ed Mast, Derek Hawn, Thy Moeun.

10:20: Geoff Hahn, Tony Triplet, Ray Seabolt.

10:30: Robert Stockman, Jeff Rolston, Mitchell Wilson.

10:40: Rock Mohr, Matthew Kibiloski, Dave Crise.

10:50: Luke Krizek, Jeff Pressinell, Gary Martin.

11:00: Dave Shenk, Bryan Russell, Ryan McBride.

11:20: Robbie Wilson, Rocco Lisa, Alan Griffin.

11:30: Jeff Magyar, Kevin Lower, George Anagnos.

11:40: Tony Magyar, Schmille Barhams, Steve Clodfelter.

11:50: Chase Whicker, Adam Cates, William Holmes.

Noon: Randy McDowell, Cobey Bartlett, Alec Dose.

12:10 a.m.: Mike Keagle, Jeff Hoeppner, Phillip Frampton.

12:20: Harvey Dose, Mike Lapp, Ron Oldenburg.

12:30: Brendon Keagle, Mike Platz, Mark Chapman.

12:40: Robert Dorsam, Ed Freel, Ray Reed.

12:50: Colin Dorsam, Kyle Stansbury, John Altum.

1:00: Greg Byrkett, Mani Subramanian, Tim Emmons, Dan Watson.

1:10: Lance McKinney, Carl Craig, Steve Johnson, Jim Lindsey.

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