Chicago-based '1 of Each' wins Elkhart Team Challenge bowling tournament

A Chicago bowling team won the Elkhart Team Challenge after defeating a Griffith, Ind., team with a score of 511-493.

Posted on April 28, 2014 at 2:40 p.m.

ELKHART — Chicago-based "1 of Each" defeated Team Masters from Griffith in the two-game Baker Match, 511-493, to win the 19th Elkhart Team Challenge bowling tournament Sunday, April 27.

The winning quintet of Patrick Johnson, TP Peterson, Julian Brown, Andre Parker and Leroy Johnson took home $2,975 with the win.

Tony Glorioso and Chad Vendaville bowled 300 games. The high series was scored by Aaron Winans with an 804.

Elkhart Team Challenge

(At Country Club Lanes)

Top 10: 1st, 1 of Each (Chicago) $2,975; 2nd, Team Masters (Griffith) $1,450; 3rd, Never Before, Never Again (Mishawaka) $750; 4th, Savage Bowling Pro Shops (Lafayette) $600; 5th, Team Chicago (Chicago) $500; 6th, Natural Disasters (Elkhart) $450; 7th, Scott Brunners Pro Shop (Kalmazoo, Mich.) $400; 8th, Mark it Zero (LaPorte) $375; 9th, Hacienda’s Revenge (Osceola) $350; 10th, Travel Star Products (Elkhart) $325.

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